What About 'Glitchapathy'?

RespawnAction: "There is an epidemic going around, or at least said to be going around, called Mapathy. This consists of people who suffer from the lack of original content in their game, namely, Modern Warfare 2. There are apparently loads of people currently bed ridden and and on so many fluids that they can't possibly do anything else, that is until the Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus Package releases. This 'stimulus' will resolve any signs on boredom and provide a fresh feeling to the multiplayer. So now that that problem is solved, what about the other sufferers out there? The ones suffering from 'boostapathy', 'glitchapathy', and so on. What about those problems?"

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movements3129d ago

Developers are now getting careless.... Cause they know they could always fix the glitches later on..

Rob Hornecker3128d ago

Its been almost 7 months since its release and MW2 is still a problem plagued mess! The worst of all when they do patch things up ,the hackers have already broke the fix within 12 hours!

So with no single player or spec ops additions to this so called "stimulus" map pack,I will put my busting my arse for $15.00 to use else where.

Theres alot of compittion coming out this year,like MoH,Ghost Recon/Future soldier,Sniper/ghost warrior and more that will be announced at this years E3. I feel that by 1/1/2011 MW2 will be a distant memory!