Darksiders: Walkthrough From Start To Finish

This walkthrough will provide players with a tool they can use to work their way from the beginning to the end of the game finding most of the hidden collectibles, the complete legendary Abyssal Armour set and the majority of the health/wrath stones along the way. Some of the items do not fit within the walkthrough as they require backtracking following obtaining new items. A complete list of each type of secret item can be found in the respective areas of the guide below.

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sak5003132d ago

It does help to have somethign like this handy. I used youtube vids of the walkthrough to get me out of some really bad puzzle areas. Great game though.

Silly gameAr3132d ago

It is a great game. The only part that I got really frustrated with was finding the apocalypse sword pieces. It felt more like work than fun.

Other than that, I enjoyed the hell out of it. This is a pretty handy guide for people who are stuck on certain parts of the game.

sak5003131d ago

You betcha.. I used the vids from youtube to find teh armor. After getting it enemies became quite easy too bad the last piece you find it almost in the end.