Xbox 360 Slim: Coming Any Time Soon?

Xbox Evolved writes:

"Rumor has it that Microsoft is planning on coming out with a new design for the current Xbox 360. This new version will be the same in functions as the original model, but will be presented in a much smaller size. The guys over at Kotaku have gotten hold of a picture which shows that for the first time, the console will include the CPU and the GPU on the same chip, thus reducing the size. "

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ProA0073129d ago

I'd say right around Natal's launch for sure

Blaze9293129d ago

Yeah the slim PS3 launch did Sony wonders for rebranding. What else could kick off Natal but bringing a new system design along with it. Maybe with possible new features.

AridSpider3129d ago

No doubt they'll bundle some with natal. But I wonder if Natal could be built in...nah

Blaze9293129d ago

bundle likely - built in, no.

AAACE53129d ago

@AridSpider... Why do people keep making comments about Natal being built into the console? Natal is an external camera that you can place where you want. Do you know how much hell it would be to move a 360 around because the camera isn't pointed at what you need it to be!

Anyway, I also think it will release with Natal! Funny thing though... MS said they would release Natal like releasing a new console. So to me, this just feeds into the 360 redesign!

darthv723129d ago (Edited 3129d ago )

At first I was all psyched at the idea of a slim 360. It has been rumored for a couple of years anyway. So then I got to reading and thought about a few things. I am not sure if MS would really invest in a change of the physical attributes for some of their external accessories. Namely the wifi and the hdd.

Nice as it would be to have internalized hdd and possibly wifi, I am betting they may not make that radical of a physical change to the existing case. Maybe some cosmetic tweaks to accommodate the port layout but it would most likely still retain the same overall shape. Especially to use the hdd which (in its given design) would need to remain located in the same spot it currently resides.

Same goes for the wifi (sort of) in that the clip on design makes it really only fit in one place on the case. They could introduce some newly shaped variations of those if they redesigned the case for a slimmer look. An advantage of keeping the case the way it is would be for airflow.

We know how tight things are inside right now so reducing the board size and location of the main components doesnt always mean a redesign of the shell is warranted. Making the case smaller would only see fit to shrink the space inside thus resulting in a tight fitting unit all over again. Leaving room for airflow is a key to keeping the system quiet not to mention that (if possible) they could use the extra space to internalize the power supply. Chances are that a reduction in power would yield a reduction in heat generated as well as need for such an elaborate power brick.

I know that last part might actually cause heat to be an issue again with an internal power but it is just a thought. In all likely hood MS has been refining their board layout since the beginning and yet never changed the outer shell. MS might not be all about "slimming" their product like Sony does. That is their choice.

I am all for improving the system stability and reliability while cutting costs. How they do it will be interesting to say the least.

Here is a good question. When it comes to the type of "tray" for the discs. Which design is cheaper: tray or slot? They could even go so far as to make it a flip top like what the 3do FZ-10 and sega cd 2. Yet...that would defeat the ability to let it stand up.

Dave13513129d ago

This is the 21st century! put some dang wifi in that thing

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JasonXE3129d ago

I just hope it'll have:

- built in wireless
- disc loading slot and not a tray
- 2.5" standard SATA HDD that can be swappable.

Get that and I'd buy one in a heartbeat and sell my old ones.

AridSpider3129d ago

Just give me built in wireless and swappable 2.5" HDDs and I'm good.

Blaze9293129d ago

agree. Just hope since they arent trying to beat anyone to the punch or go cheap that the hardware will be as reliable as the Xbox 1. Could drop that thing off a cliff and it'll still be in-tact.

What Would Kratos Do3129d ago

You'd have to feel sorry for whatever it landed on.

MorganX3129d ago

I doubt the built-in wireless due to cost and you can absolutely forget about standard 2.5" HDD support. Absolutely no chance Microsoft gives up their HD revenue stream. None.

GiantEnemyCrab3129d ago (Edited 3129d ago )

I would think the mobo pics that leaked would show a wireless chip unless it is some kind of daughter board or they bundle the adapter with it.

I don't think we will see any of those things.

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AridSpider3129d ago

Definitely see this launching with Natal. Announcement at E3? Probably but then again probably not. Too long of a gap from the launch for any real hype and media coverage.

midgard2273129d ago

why wud anyone want a slim version that is more likely to overheat and rrod? unless they actually put a fan on the gpu its useless.

failure rate wud be 89%.

just buy a dang ps3 and keep or old 360 if it isnt ur 8th one.

and we all know the new version is just some new chips like falcon prossessor and all that crap that they said stopped rrod but didnt. *shrugs ur call

Mike134nl3129d ago

Xbox360 had so much problems since it was a rushed product.It 's hard to imagine the xbox360 slim being a rushed product since Microsoft has taken more time compared to the ps3 slim too announce a xbox 360 slim.
And the steady increase in reliability of the xbox 360 models.

midgard2273129d ago

i c where ur coming from, but i think that increase in realiablity is because more people bought the ps3 and not as many are using the 360 besides the fanboys.

less people playing a system = lower fail rate because install is lower.

now with ps3 cheap we are seeing more people own a ps3 and 360, so they arent abusing their ps3 or 360 since its not their only console.

besides that, u wud be right only if MS was making the slim a long time ago, if they just started then its gonna be the same thing again

fr0sty3129d ago (Edited 3129d ago )

however, if the thing vents out of the side of the console like the pic of the supposed xbox 360 slim motherboard suggests (there is a standard fan/heatsink on the cpu/gpu, which blows up towards the side of the console, and not the heat pipe design the current ps3 and 360's use), they're still going to have a lot of problems when people put things on top of their consoles. folks that lay the console on it's side and then toss a game or magazine on top will not get proper ventilation.

if they did merge the 2 chips into one, it'll be one interesting device.... made by 2 competing processor manufacturers, AMD and IBM.

jjesso19933129d ago

I really want see one but lets hope it dont get RROD when they show it off. and if did build HDD in it i think they could start making games that have installs the ps2 never came with memory card and if the lower the hdd price get rid of the old 360's dont think that many people mind.

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