Gamer Limit Review: Supreme Commander 2 (PC)

From its very inception, the Supreme Commander franchise has been dedicated to one thing, fan service. Created by Chris Taylor and his team at Gas Powered Games, SupCom was considered to be the spiritual successor to 1997's Total Annihilation. With Supreme Commander 2, it seems like the SupCom franchise it coming into its own, and I like it.

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Fullish3128d ago

Not as good as the first, doesn't have the originality the first had going for it.

Ziriux3128d ago

Yup, well that's what happens when EA is in charge of telling you what to do.

ThanatosDMC3128d ago (Edited 3128d ago )

Dont you mean SE?

I played the demo and hated it. If you love the first two, supcom1 and fa, you will not like this one.

JsonHenry3128d ago (Edited 3128d ago )

They screwed this game up almost as bad as they screwed up CnC4.

And yes, Square E. is responsible for this game.

ProjectVulcan3128d ago

Dumbed down for console. The fact the game has been massively scaled back is one clue. The original port to 360 was disastrous, i cant say im surprised it was going to be cut back so the sequel worked properly on 360

Proxy3128d ago (Edited 3128d ago )

Some people like SC2 and they play it.

Other think SC2 isn't as great as the almighty FA, and they play anything but FA, even though FA is still available for play.

Seriously, it's rather hard to get a good FA game going.

IMO SC2 does have a smaller scale but it's still Supreme Commanders. A proper 1v1 in FA lasted about 15 minutes or less, and that's still the case in SC2. There were dozens of units in FA, but only 4 or 5 useful ones; there's 4 or 5 units in SC2. In FA you had to build mexes and pgens for your economy, in SC2, you have to build mexes and pgens for your economy; not much practical difference.

Yuenanimous3128d ago

I really don't see how a simplified research and economic system equates to "Dumbed down for console." I mean the resource system is the same as it is in SCII and that's not dumbed down for consoles. The research system is similar to something like Sins of a Solar Empire and that isn't dumbed down for consoles. I can understand that you don't like how Supcom2 became simpler, but don't blame it on the consoles.

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themizarkshow3128d ago

Gotta get my hands on this.

StartWars3128d ago

Looks like it could be good.

Ziriux3128d ago

Good score guys, I think it's a well deserved one, while it's not as good as the previous one in the series, it doesn't stray away too much from what Supreme Commander is all about.

SilverDragon19793128d ago

I had high hopes for this game and it's good to see people are enjoying it so much!

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