Focus: PlayStation Move

MCV talks to SCE's Worldwide Studios VP Michael Denny.

"We will look back at this as being a seminal moment for PS3."

Say one thing for Sony America: it knows how to do hype and hyperbole.

At last week's Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, Sony unveiled the name and first games for the PS3 Motion Controller, Move. The quote above from customarily aggressive SCEA marketing chief Peter Dille demands gravitas – but while history may not quite remember the unveiling as a watershed moment, it's clear Sony has chosen a new direction for its console.

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Foliage3223d ago

Has anyone else noticed the influx of Move news lately?

I think Natal being shown to be all smoke and mirrors with very little actual functionality... and the fact that the Move is technically the best motion solution of the three is finally starting to come across to the media.

Even if the tendency is to hate on Sony for everything, there is no denying that Move is the real deal. You don't need millions upon millions in ads to cover up for poor technology with Move.

Microsoft is just once again too late to the party, and didn't want to show up empty handed.

...but keep at it Microsoft, one day people might not have to wonder what the bottom of a retarded avatars shoe looks like.

LordMarius3223d ago

well we really havent seen anything on Natal, so how can you expect news for it. Wait for E3.

Omega43223d ago

MariusElijah is right nothing new has been shown for Natal since last E3 while Sony has shown practically all they've got, which seems to be what they always do.

The problem for Sony now is to keep the hype alive till fall which probably wont happen, since when Natal is fully revealed at E3 no one will be talking about Move only Natal.

NYC_Gamer3223d ago

^^^but what dev will skip over that wiimote&move user base just to worry about natal.....

Sez 3223d ago

Lmao. What move userbase. Move has a user base. Stop getting wii userbase confused with move. Being as move isn't release. So it doesn't exist.

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Wh15ky3223d ago

"But ultimately, it seems the message from Move is to warn Nintendo that not everyone stays top dog in games forever – a lesson Sony itself has learnt" - Quote from article.

I think Nintendo learned this before Sony.

eagle213223d ago (Edited 3223d ago )

Nintendo has always sold millions of consoles, they are the handheld gaming market. Even when N64 and Gamecube were not at the top, the Game Boy and GBA sold over 100 million (84 million for GBA). Please understand that. Nintendo has NEVER lost money. They may have made considerably less in the home market than say the NES/SNES/Wii (but always had profit in the home market), but they are the undisputed money kings of the handheld market since 1989.

I think the true competition between Sony and Nintendo is Japan. Both of them do very well in the Japanese market that they constantly butt heads for the #1 spot each week. So the Move may be a "threat" there, but Nintendo is not going to just back down. They will respond even if it takes a year to do so.

I seriously don't think Nintendo has anything to worry about this year. If the 3DS does come out, that's where a big portion of people's gaming holiday money will be. As far as software for Wii this fall, it doesn't get much bigger than Zelda Wii. Twilight Princess sold a combined 1.2 million units on Wii/Gamecube in Dec. 2006 and Wii had shortages. So I think Nintendo Wii will still stay #1 at least this fall.

NYC_Gamer3223d ago

with the wiimote&move on the market most devs wont bother with natal...thats all sony wanted..

Wh15ky3223d ago (Edited 3223d ago )

How is the PS Move a "threat" to Nintendos handhelds? The article is clearly refering to their home consoles, of which Nintendo already know all too well "that not everyone stays top dog".
"Please understand that. Nintendo has NEVER lost money."
Who said they had? Also, I can't see Sony still being in the red by the end of the PS3s life, can you?