The Zelda Method, Revisited

Gamer Melodico: Sometimes, merely finishing an RPG isn't enough. We've all experienced being drawn into the discovery of a world in which we spend hours of our day, or even days of our week. We become our avatar as we play; we form emotional attachments with those who join our party, and sometimes even with random people we meet along the road. We learn moves, expand our fighting repertoire, and develop preferences for weapons.

It's not that we're untethered from the real world (well, not in MOST cases... there are always exceptions), but it takes a fairly unimaginative cynic to be totally unaffected when playing. And believe me, I know a thing or two about being cynical. Yet even at my most jaded, when faced with a daunting or unpleasant task, I've often found myself lapsing into a practice that I began when I was just out of high school. Some people have yoga, I have Zelda.

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