Interview: Just Cause 2's Christofer Sundberg

VG247: Being a mentalist in a sandbox has rarely been as much fun as it was in Just Cause, so the launch of tomorrow's sequel is well worthy of note.

The sandbox actioner invites players to be pretty much as stupid as they can be with a variety of explosives and vehicles, leading to some spectacular videos in the run up to release, as well as supplying a suitably OTT espionage plot.

With a recent demo downloaded over 2 million times and a ton of high scores from the lifting of this week's review embargo, it's clear Square Enix has a hit on its hands.

Thus, we caught up with Avalanche Studio's co-founder and creative director, Christofer Sundberg, to get the latest on expanding the toybox, DLC, the current state of PC gaming and more.

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