360 250GB HDD to be cheaper than expected?

The Xbox 360's 250GB Hard Drive could retail at a lower than expected price point when it launches as a standalone accessory next month, with Xbox Community Manager Graeme Boyd reporting that the hard drive will actually hit retail with a £64.99 RRP in the UK.

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NewZealander3223d ago

april 16th? i assumed when ms said it was available now that they meant all countries, so im guessing NZ will get it round the 16th too?

i just wish when they released it they gave information regarding territories, unfortunately they seem to think america is the world.

dangert123223d ago

as i believed microsoft when they said it will not be avalible to buy on itself and you would need a Super elite to own 1

RedSky3223d ago

NewZealander, your avatar sums up what it's like to be a console gamer. For the same price I could get a 1TB external hard drive.

Strikepackage Bravo3223d ago

When MS or anyone releases news specific to the USA they do not release the news in the EU. The drive was announced in the USA where it is indeed available currently for sale now, when it is available in the EU that will be announced in the EU separately. Because the internet knows no borders, you get USA news as well as your own, then you complain that when MS talks to its US customers that its talking to you, when in fact, they were never talking to you EU people in the first place, you just happened to be ease dropping via the all encompassing internet, got it ;)

Blaster_Master3223d ago

Even if it sold for $75 bucks it would be a rip off. I can get 500 GB HDD's on New egg for that price. Freakin Microsoft ripping everyone off.

ABizzel13223d ago (Edited 3223d ago )

It needs to be $99.99, and the 120GB needs to drop to $49.99, but both are still a rip off even at those prices when you can buy, 250GB and 320GB HDD's for $50 and $60 bucks.


Well you can buy 500GB HDD's for $60 now.

maxcer3223d ago

"I can get 500 GB HDD's on New egg for that price."

why do so many people quote prices for hdds? do you think its hard to find a good deal on a hdd? want an award? i dont get it....

we all know we can upgrade our ps3 hdds for cheap, how does that help us 20gb owners who want to install a bunch of games? I also don't need that much storage on my ps3, i dont store music/movies/pics on my ps3. no option to do full installs, so a bigger hdd for ps3 isn't needed

Blaster_Master3223d ago

Well actually if you have a 20 gig, you have only 13 actual GB of space, ya like I said, Microsoft rips everyone off.

HolyOrangeCows3223d ago (Edited 3223d ago )

You can a ridiculously cheaper HDD for a computer/PS3 at regular MSRP.
$50 USD 500 HDD for a desktop.
$50 USD 250GB HDD for a laptop/PS3.

Good ol' Microsoft has all of its gamers by the eh....pocket book...thanks to their proprietary accessories.

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Jaybad543223d ago

I might actually buy it, 20GB is starting to hurt me

PirateThom3223d ago

Same, it annoys me it's less space than my PS3 HDD and costs more money, but at that price, it's the cheapest I'm going to get it for, really.

dangert123223d ago

i have a 360 what use is that to me? ¬¬
foolish fanboy

Obama3223d ago

you have a 360 so you are bounded to get rip off. :)

dangert123223d ago

who said i was buying it?
i would like 1 but i'm not paying that much for it

wiggles3223d ago

With an article released a few days ago about the new connectivity with USB ports, couldn't you buy an external hard drive for like 600 GB's with the same price point and use that?

Or is there some sort of issue that blocks you from putting saves onto an external hard drive?

because that is the main reason why I never bought a 360 was for the crappy storage options, and the fact that there are no new 20GB's...

Any relevant discussion would be appreciated :)

LoydX-mas3223d ago

Microsoft will enable usb storage, but only 16gb on one device with a total of 2 usb drives for a total of roughly 32gb.

That may change in the future, you never know.

PirateThom3223d ago

It's limited to 16GB per drive connected.

wiggles3223d ago

Would this be enabled on ALL consoles?...So I could get the arcade and hook it up to some external hard drives and it would basically be a 32 GB?

siyrobbo3223d ago

the newly announced (leaked?) 16gb memory update is meant more for USB Sticks, not hard drives

GodGinrai3223d ago

i was wondering that but with a 16gb cap on usb drives, what difference does it make how big a usb hdd drive? will it come up as incompatable or will the 360 limit itself to 16gbs of a larg usb drive? will it even allow the use of usb hdd? eitherway it sucks...but i suppose its better than the situation before. the hdd in my ps3 is 500gb and its older than my ps3. i have a couple of reduntant hdds ....shame i cant use none of em with my 360. Damn you MS! Still, ill be upgrading from my 120gb.....but damn you MS!

crck3223d ago

The 360 will limit bigger drives to 16gb.

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k jules3223d ago

But still more than necessary ;).
People on eBay selling fake 250GB's for €50, and they
work fine so why not go for that if your hungry for more space?

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