Gameinformer: Red Steel 2 Review. Stellar Swordplay Overcomes A Few Dull Edges

By the time you reach the end of Red Steel 2, you feel unstoppable. Is a huge dude coming at you with an equally super-sized maul? No problem. Use your Matador ability and gracefully sidestep his charge, slashing his now-vulnerable back to ribbons. What, three ninjas think they can swarm and overwhelm you? Using the Cobra, you quickly paint your targets and methodically blast each one apart with your revolver. Even a minigun-wielding opponent is no match for the mysterious hero, Hero. Channeling the power of the Bear, you slam your fist into the ground and charge at your stunned prey. Red Steel 2's combat is challenging and interesting for those who take the time to learn its nuances. Wagglers need –not –apply.

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EvilTwin3131d ago

I'm in shock. I can't believe GI liked this game. These guys mostly haven't even liked IR/pointer controls in shooting games.

Even more shocking...the reviewer GETS this game -- "Wagglers need not apply." This is a true MOTION controlled game. It's the Wii Sports bowling/tennis of M+ Action games.

However, that also means it's a bit basic, overall. Very fair critique: "The combat is so good that it deserves a better game."

The level design isn't up to par with the combat. But the most important thing works, and it carries the game.

Good (and very fair) review, GI. I knew you had it in you.