David Jaffe's Next Game to Have Multiplayer?

Gameguru "We did a little bit of hunting and stumbled across this particular piece of information that gives us a small hint as to what we can expect in the following unreleased PS3 game from the studious."

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281219863131d ago

then it'll be awesome...Multiplayer has always rocked for the all twisted metals..

TOO PAWNED3131d ago

"David Jaffe's Next Game to Have Multiplayer?" - no s..t!

donstar3131d ago

news...I pray its true...Oh the hours I wasted in front of my PS1 playing the game...

822119863131d ago

They should show the damn game off...All I keep hearing are rumors...I can craft Half Life 3 using my imagination ya know...

Niles3131d ago

unveiled at E3 this year...

281219863131d ago

we'll be seeing another quality game from David Jaffe