PSP 2 Wish List Revisited

Back in May of last year, TheGamerAccess wrote an article about what we wanted to see in the PSP2. Obviously we didn't get a PSP2 last year, we got the PSP Go instead, but now the path Sony intends to take with the PSP2 is a little more clear because of the PSP Go. The PSP just celebrated it 5th birthday and Jack Tretton is dropping hints already for E3 since the 3DS was just announced, so here is an updated wish list I have for the PSP2. Here is my original wish list. Read more for our thoughts and an explanation of the new wish list.

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sinncross3130d ago

1. Larger Screen - works for me.

2. UMD Backwards Compatibility - always a plus.

3. Better Battery Life - a must have!

4. Enhanced PSN Support - agreed this would work its in favour. I am not too sure of the idea of allowing as many existing PSN tiles to be made playable on the PSP2 because I somehow doubt they would be able to. PSP Minis to PS3 was a different story.Though with the talk of PS2 and Dreamast titles coming to the PSN, making them available for the PSP2 would be the way to go.

5. Better Wi-Fi - sure why not.

6. Dual Analog Sticks - agreed, but take this one step further and add 2 more shoulder buttons. This way the PSP2 can also function as a basic controller for the PS3 which could be a very neat PSP/PS3 function.

7. Enhanced RAM and GPU Capabilities - I would hope this one happens :)

8. Enhanced Communication - speaking of enhanced communication I am not sure why Sony has not thought f porting Home to the PSP. I mean, this could potentially add more users to the social network.

9. Increased Internal Storage - I am not too sure about this. I assume more internal space would only increase the cost of the PSP2 a lot. I think 16 is a good starting point, and then like the PS3 offer additional SKU's in time. I'm just worried about price here but if a cheap option go bigger.

I'd like to add that a 2nd SKU with basic cellphone functions would be nice (like SMS/ MMS, java, phone calls) but here is hoping that Sony do go on us gamers with the PSP2.

Chris3993130d ago

But yeah, the list is mostly spot on.

player-13130d ago

Oh yea battery life increase is a must!

Sanii3130d ago

I think dual analogue sticks is the most important feature needed