Final Fantasy XIII – The PS3 Attitude Review

PS3 Attitude: "Rest assured, Final Fantasy XIII is not a bad game and it is certainly not the worst in the series. "

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midgard2273130d ago

i love the game, one of my fav ff's. hey i hate 12 and 9 and others love those so its all opinion :)

Army_of_Darkness3130d ago (Edited 3130d ago )

I hate FF9 & FF12 as well. they were both pretty boring in terms of story, battle system & character design. hmm, thats pretty much the entire game that I hate... lol!

FF7/10 were the best and most memorable to me... but this one(FF13) is starting to get better now that I'm passed the 10hrs. mark. I tell ya, the graphics in this game is amazing! and every chick in this game is ridiculously hot;)
I just wish we were able to change the character's names, that always made me feel more involved.

rmw2hot3130d ago

Have not gotten it yet but will get it soon, big fan of there CG cutsenes, it seems like it has a good story and great graphics.

Redempteur3130d ago

i have just to say ... don't dare you tell me the game suck if you haven't reached gran pulse .when you can get cieth missions.

This is all .

If not you haven't seen what the game has to offer

Delriach3130d ago

heh, I agree. It sounds dramatic, but it's exactly how I felt.

divideby03130d ago

dont care about reviews....this game is great....presentation in audio and video is some of the best I have seen..RPGs are not my fav. genre so this game keeps me focused on the story and me thats what I so like

DarkBlood3130d ago

this game is great story is good cg cutscenes are entertaining to watch im currently on the end of chapter 12 and damn the boss is hard

silkrevolver3130d ago

Rasch Part 2? I thought it was pretty easy. You just need to have paradigms that are spread out... one person attacks while one heals and one synergizes... and then other combo’s like that. It does suck that everytime you Break him, he hits you with a huge attack when he’s done.

fallingdove3130d ago

The story is interesting.

The way the story is told is Awful. Absolutely awful. It has Final Fantasy VIII syndrome. It could have been epic. Instead it is a series of made up words strung together with random words thrown inbetween.

L'cie, Fal'cie, L'cie, L'cie, L'cie, "Lets Run Away", Fal'cie, Hero, L'cie, Fal'cie, Hero, Hope, Hope, L'cie, "Lets Run Away" Fal'cie Arc. - The entire story to chapter 11

I just reached chapter 11. I really hope it is as everyone says "The begining of the game's redemption"

I love the battle system though. It reminds me a little of Chrono Cross, one of my all time favorite JRPGs.

DevastationEve3130d ago (Edited 3130d ago )

It's different but not terrible.

Squeenix is in a bit of a pickle: the core ideology of Final Fantasy is to start new with every game, and people so far have been quick to forget that. This game - like every Final Fantasy before it - should be judged on its own and not against other games of the franchise. It's an FF for crying outloud; the whole idea of being FINAL Fantasy is that each story can only be told within one game and is going to be different than the others.

Now, Squeenix did bend that rule with X-2 and with the VII expansions/prequels, but with XIII they did something different and took a whole design element (Advent Children's fast paced action) and tried to work it into an actual FF's battle system mechanic. They also decided to go X-2 again and put a female lead, as well as keeping the general feel of X and X-2's world and styling. The result is as far from a traditional FF as Squeenix has ever tried to achieve; now it's more drama but less traditional FF.

If there were any logic to it at all this game would be called Dramatic J-Pop Fantasy...which is what it's supposed to be anyway as that's what those of us who are j-pop fans want in the first place! Squeenix is just rolling with the demands of the modern j-pop fanbase, no beef there.

Delriach3130d ago

some of the bosses are really challenging. Definitely one of the things I liked the most about the game.

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