5 Reasons why Xbox Live's Game Room sucks

The Game Room has launched but has been greeted with disappointment.

1) Free game packs don't offer free games.
2) Too pricey
3) No lobbies, or wandering around the arcade
4) The game's don't cut it
5) Some poor ports

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Al Bundy3130d ago

Those are 5 very valid reasons.

dangert123130d ago

for once i agree with you :O n you did not mention the ps3 :O amazin

ProjectVulcan3130d ago (Edited 3130d ago )


ThanatosDMC3130d ago

They should put all those awesome 2D games there like contra, megaman 1-10, sonic, those spaceship/plane blasting whatever games, etc.

Noble Spartan3130d ago

Agree, Some utter garbage when I downloaded it yesterday. Nice try MS , but no one wants Home on Xbox 360. Also the prices of them games are shameful, They should be 50ms points full game. Heck you can play these for free on internet.

Godmars2903130d ago (Edited 3130d ago )

If the arcade emulator is having problems with vector graphic titles, what makes you think it will do better with more complex and demanding titles? Nevermind that they only have rights right now with Atari and Intellivision.

Dude, those specific games were a quarter. Just for playing one once MS is asking for twice the price.

Lifendz3130d ago

I swear these guys are either trying to impress us by critiqing everything or just flat out don't like games anymore.

The darn service just came out. Give them a chance to refine it. The concept is effing awesome. And if you really can earn achievements on old games then that's incredible.

As far as price, well....what can I say. If you're old enough to have gone to an arcade back when console games could not compete with arcade games you'll remember paying 50 cents a pop on a game.

blitz06233130d ago

From those reasons I don't see why it's called the Game Room

AAACE53130d ago

When I first played them yesterday, somehow I got confused and thought the games were mine. But then I started to notice I was just playing demos. Playing a couple of these games were fun at first for the nostalgic feeling, but trying to play them a second time really opened my eyes... these games are boring!

At this point I am willing to say don't waste your money! Maybe the Gameroom will be worth while later when they put up better games. But for right now... this is one of the biggest waste of time and money to me!

At least buying Perfect Dark was worth it! Hell, my wife has even started playing it with me like we used to in the!

NexGen3130d ago

The main reason I don't like it is the antique "pre-quality" era of arcade and console gaming. Now, to put it in perspective...I'm 32 years old. The selection of games they have do not incite feelings of nostalgia in me, but rather, a reminder of how games used to suck back then and how they were vastly improved from 86 and onward.

Even as a little 4 year old kid, I was well aware that asteroid sucked, as did most games on the 2600/intellivision/colecovisio n (my Odyssey II was pretty rad though).

Both in arcades across America, and in homes, there were few gems until the 8 bit era dawned. These offerings should only be there as a reminder of how bad things were back then, and how quickly they improved with the first real console war: NES versus the Master System.

That said, I won't spend a dime until I see some games from the late 80's onward.

Dandiego3130d ago

Game room does suck tried it today... but Home sucks just as much. Why doesnt Microsoft and Sony just concentrate on trying to beat each others franchises so WE GAMERS can benefit from the healthiest war gamers have had a chance to be caught in... A TIGHT RACE between PS3 and Xbox is the best thing that could happen to us so PLEASE everybody stop the hate...

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Biggest3130d ago

How are Home and Game Room related? Home doesn't suck. Home is free. Game room sucks. Game room costs money. See how they're different?

darthv723130d ago

The current crop of games is blah but the potential for other classic arcade titles to hit would be great.

Think of the ones sega has like afterburner, thunderblade, power drift, galaxy force, daytona just to name a few.

Capcom has a bunch as well like final fight, un squadron and knights of the round.

Konami could dust off those 4 player games like xmen, the simpsons, the avengers

SNK could bring out some of their hits like ikari warriors and neo geo hits like metal slug.

Sure that is all speculation but with the idea of a virtual arcade comes the notion of more modern titles instead of the first batch of atari arcade/2600 and intellivision games.

I would like it if MS would allow for those with existing xbla games that are old arcade titles to be available to be played from the game room. I have the original TMNT as well as pacman that I can see in my arcade. They make it so I can play them at no cost (obviously because I bought the full game) but let my friends basically pay me a few points to play my games and vice versa.

Like some sort of game sharing.

Plus you get a few achievement points just for setting stuff in an empty room. I decorated about 3 rooms with the various knick knacks and upped my GS by at least 30 points.

Godmars2903130d ago

darthv72, they've already said what their idea of game sharing is for this: automated recommendations for you to buy games your friends have but you don't. Aren't you getting 10 seconds free play time with everything anyway?

Dandiego3130d ago

Biggest Home is not that free you gotta buy your virtual stuff... are you playing home tonight? If not its not that good!!! I wanna new island retreat... NOT. Both of these things are gimmicks and both suck equaly so they are similar in that way.. I've played both I know its not the same thing my point is GAMERS are playing GAMES not HOME or GAME ROOM.

2Spock3130d ago

Lame article of course, even if it had beta for the rest of its life people would still smash it. Even though home is a beta and a work in progress. But people keep, well i can play this game for free and this game for free or i have mame blah freaking blah. Then play it for free, i have yet to play this but i bet it does not have the community features that this has. And from my understanding you can play online with friends. And it goes on i am sure they will make adjustments to what works and what does not, and make it a better service. But when people complain about a feature they do not have to mess with or pay extra for not using, then you are an idiot for doing so.

NexGen3130d ago

Venomous: yes, I agree. But we. (At least I didn't) spend $10.00 on these junky games. The potential is there and Darth hit the nail on the head. Bring those better games and this will be a massive success. I mean if they insist on going this old school retro, some better selections would have been: joust, burgertime, galaga, galaxian, q-bert, etc. Not these.

I hope it goes like Darth mentioned: x-men, Simpsons, knights of the round, raiden, etc. That's where this would be amazing. But sorry, not this junk. I passed these games up when I was 5+ years old and still do.

rexus123453130d ago

This idea sounds cool when it was conceived, but now if you think about, if you don't care for the retro interface, arcade games are pretty much scattered around the web for free:

Jinxstar3130d ago

I believe they would be charging a lot more then they are for 4 player co op games like simpsons or X-men. Sure they may bring them but not for the price of just 5 dollars... And at any higher then 5 bucks wouldn't you rather get a real XBLA game like Geometry wars?

HolyOrangeCows3130d ago (Edited 3130d ago )

So it's $3 to own a 30 year old game? Why not just go out and buy one of those compilation games and get a load of games for $20?

SacredWizard3130d ago

Agree. In fact, it's so weak I may even just delete it. I was excited when i saw it so I downloaded yesterday. I doubt I'll ever even use it again.

EVILDEAD3603130d ago (Edited 3130d ago )

I havent had the chance to download it..but I definately can't wait..

They author of the article is right..I would loooove buy 10 games and have my avatar and a friends Avatar wander around my personal arcade and play on live..

But this is the first iteration..M-soft can easily upgrade it with a simple download..

Can you F-ing imagine playing in a virtual Daytona USA or Hydro Thunder or any racer set-up like the arcade with four of your Xbox Live party friends playing together..

Show THIS at E3 and the world will buy it by the f-ing droves...

But..they had me at Yar's revenge..ahh..classic

I've owned MAME for my desktop like a decade ago..i had every TRUE emulator download on one of my original Xboxs years and years ago

That won't stop be from buying some of my faves on Game Room when they are released..

All I'm saying is..BURGERTIME..PLEEEEASE..


Cueil3129d ago

It's been out like 2 effing days and people are already complaining about the number of games... it'll get there fools... to hold you over I hear Hydro Thunder is going to be on XBLA...

pixelsword3129d ago

I thought it would be like the bowling alley from PS home, but this thing charges for everything. I'm not going half in with my cousin to play this stuff, so I'm not even going to play this.

And it's not even the fact that they charge, it's the fact that they charge too much for games that a lot of retro gamers already own or can get online for free; you're just paying Microsoft the privilege to play these otherwise free games in their environment.

Sez 3129d ago

Just download a MAME emulator on your pc. You get these games and more of your favorite for free. This may have some potential later on. But for now I don't the reason to waste points/money on this. Just my opinion.

vhero3129d ago

Wow people are really gonna compare this to HOME? how sad... HOME is much more in depth and works the way its supposed to not to mention has bags of supports from many differnt third partys. It also has a huge following and is popular with a lot of people. Game Room is just plain terrible its not a touch on HOME and thats saying something..

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xaviertooth3130d ago

there's only 1 reason its because microsoft is noob in making game experience.

Wrathman3130d ago

they forgot reason 6..

6) my ps3 is awesome and everything other than a ps3 sucks becasue i am console racist.i dont own an xbox and never used one but i know i hate it and will never try it!!

blackmamba7073130d ago

poor man's Home...that's what it is

Obama3130d ago

Console racist??? wow you learn something new everyday lmao.

OGharryjoysticks3130d ago

They forgot to make it simple how to play the games. For example, having the Intellivision overlay on the virtual pad is cool, but when you can't figure out how to get the game going things are bad news.

edgeofblade3130d ago

I think a lot of those ITV games were two players, no CPU. Were you trying Football? I messed with it for what seemed like hours trying to decode the game.

edgeofblade3130d ago (Edited 3130d ago )

At least we get a free 10 minute session with each game. That's more than I was expecting. Still, I'm not going to pony up that kind of cash for a "virtual arcade". Maybe $3-5 for an entire Game Pack, but not per game.

And another thing... why is there an Xbox Live arcade in Xbox Live Arcade. Doesn't it seem a little redundant?

mcgrawgamer3130d ago

actually only 1 reason makes the LameRoom suck.

MSFT's bait and switch strategy is crap. 400 points for those games??? ridiculous most of those games should be 100 - 200 points maximum. The only reason I still have my 360 is because I try to support american companies to do my part and help boost our economy vizio, msft, etc,. but MSFT's biz strategy when it comes to consoles is piss poor and THAT is a understatement. MSFT is on the same level as the American car and banking industry in my mind. Raping and Reaming the pockets of the many to fill the pockets of the few....

Redgehammer3130d ago

the games are 240 not 400.

Hotel_Moscow3130d ago

lmao suport our economy just buying an item from a store regardless of origin is supporting our economy the way you said that its like 360 is mad ein america but instead its made in china the only thing america need to do to support its own self is to sell more weapons planes etc to other countries

mcgrawgamer3130d ago

coulda swore I saw a few games for 400 points still 240 is too much, and Hotel_Moscow you know what I meant and that's all I'll say about that.