Red Steel 2: A Concern talks about how Red Steel 2 may not be selling very well from an observation, when compared to how The Conduit was doing before/after it released.

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CoffeewithChess3226d ago

Do you think RS2 will sell more copies than The Conduit, or fewer?
Or about the same?
I really don't know at this point.

If you've played Red Steel 2 though, what do you think of it?

qface643226d ago

wait the game is out already?
i had no idea

SpoonyRedMage3226d ago

I think the game will sell more than TCon but nowhere near the original, it has a bigger natural draw with the swordfighting and I've seen some people who normally aren't interested in Wii titles express and interest in it.

Seekerofthewind3225d ago

I think it'll break a mil. I know, that sounds ridiculous...but it's kind of a gut feeling.

Either way, I'm getting it (didn't get Conduit), and from the reviews it sounds like I'm gonna enjoy it. xD

statfreak3225d ago

Did you see BestBuy's site was backordered of the game?