More Portal 2 info comes forth

BigDownload: While that mysterious ARG message during the Game Developers Conference indicated that we wouldn't get more info on Portal 2 until E3, the truth is that Game Informer's web site has been posting up new articles about Valve's upcoming puzzle shooter sequel on a regular basis for the past couple of weeks.

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Vip3r3831d ago

Can't wait for this game.

Gish3831d ago

I replayed the game because i had read that the ending was different to set up the sequel, while it was fun once again, I didn't see any difference. Could someone explain? maybe in PM if people dont want spoilers.

Pandamobile3831d ago

In the new ending you get dragged off by a robot back into Aperture Science.

Gish3831d ago

What the hell? How did I miss that?

Eamon3831d ago

Pandamobile, was that GLaDOS?

... or something else?

Gish3831d ago

actually, maybe i do remember that. But I guess it didn't strike me as different. What happened in the original?

Pandamobile3831d ago

You just sat there, outside Aperture.

It's not GlaDOS who brings you back, it's a male robot who walks up to you and thanks you for "assuming the party escort submission postion"

Eamon3831d ago (Edited 3831d ago )

"assuming the party escort submission position"

lol, Valve humour is the best.

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mrv3213831d ago

The game will contrain 100% awsome, +/-1% for error...

On the awsome scale it's second to Chuck Norris, which means it's third.

1. Chuck Norris
2. Chuck Norris(they devided him by two and still 200% awsome)
3. Portal

Sorry for that, but in all seriousness portal in units is 0.5 cN in units of awsome.

thedarkestfaction3831d ago

Maybe Gabe should create a portal for weight loss

tdrules3831d ago

every time someone makes a Gabe fat joke he delays EP3 by a week

thedarkestfaction3831d ago

Very reminiscent of "Its A Wonderful Life".

ReservoirDog3163831d ago


Haha, and at thedarkestfaction, grow up.

Pandamobile3831d ago

It's true. Gabe said it himself in an email with a fan.

mrv3213831d ago

We'll never ever see EP3 then... because ironically the more we make fun of him the more he eats and thus the more we make fun of him.... this endless cycle must stop.

I feel EP3 will contain L4D3 for some readon and TF2 will be standalone, that'd be interesting if in L4D3 you also fight the head crabs and the Valve universe collide.

thedarkestfaction3831d ago

Don't try, you make your mom proud though. Gabe is fat like Precious and no matter how much glitter you throw on a bad situation you cannot justify a grow up comment

ReservoirDog3163831d ago

Haha, no need to be so easily hostile. It's just fat jokes seem childish.

And of course you can't deny the fact but pointing and laughing just seems childish.

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mrv3213831d ago

I'm not proud of this, but I watched all of Portal on youtube, because I quite litrally couldn't wait to get the 360. I had a blast, and I will probably and hopefully buy this game.

I love the song.

thedarkestfaction3831d ago

The Orange Box is amazing.. amazing that most of it's content was released 5 years ago and can still stand up to a lot of todays horrible graphics and story lines

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