"Kratos gets the chicks but he also rips people in half!":Q&A with God of War III's creative team

Bruno Velazquez and Jonathan Hawkins 'spill thier guts' about God of War III's creation...

Spandas Lui writes: "It's been three years since Sony Santa Monica Studio's God of War II left us on one of the most epic cliff-hangers in gaming history. Kratos' fate was up in the air and fans were craving for the return of their beloved anti-hero for some more of the blood 'n' gore that God of War is renowned for.

So was God of War III worth the painfully long wait? Abso-freaking-lutely!

We caught up with Sony Santa Monica Studio's lead game animator, Bruno Velazquez, and senior designer, Jonathan Hawkins, to chat about the game, the infamous sex minigames and whether Kratos could kill a Tyrannosaurus Rex with his bare hands..."

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spankipants3156d ago

If I was to die, I hope I die by the hands of Kratos... in a really gruesome way too...

Penno3155d ago

Wouldn't you rather be crushed to death by the sweaty, ham-like buttocks of an Italian plumber?

GrrrlGamerX3155d ago

Personally, I'd rather lose my life to a camper's head shot -- it's more annoying, but also nice and clean. lol

grumpysmurf3155d ago

For a truly old school death, try being slowly filled with air by a bicycle pump until you burst messily like a ketchup-filled balloon.

spankipants3155d ago

How about death by drinking too much coca cola?

himdeel3155d ago (Edited 3155d ago )

...get that door b!tch.

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Pen Pooh3156d ago

Is it just me, or does Kratos look kinda embarrassed to be there?

GrrrlGamerX3155d ago

Ha, actually, his nose is squinted up. He looks like he caught a whiff of gone off cheese.

acidspew3155d ago

The dude is probably thinking... "What have I done with my life?!"

grumpysmurf3156d ago

"So you guys weren’t tempted to make a 10 girl orgy?"

There's your hard-hitting journalism right there.


he is probably thinking of 10 different ways he can use the chick as a door stopper for some of those giant doors, or how he can stick her under some giant cog for a gear mechanism or something.

honestly that was one of the most memorable moments from GOW3. Going to all that trouble to " rescue " that half naked chick, I was waiting for one of those naughty xxx rated mini games to pop up, or maybe he would rip off the bit of excessive clothing, but na, instead..... CRUNCH! and the gate stopped moving.

spankipants3155d ago

Hahaha! Kratos would use a baby as a doorstop if it was the most convenient thing at hand =P

PIMP TV3155d ago

"It’s probably the best game I’ve ever played or ever seen."

Way to toot your own horn, guy.

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