Alan Wake Spoilers Spam the Web

NextGN writes: "There were a lot of pissed off gamers back in February, and they had every right to be. There's a small group of people on the Internet that get their rocks off by spamming the web with spoilers. It happened to Quantic's Dream's Heavy Rain and now it's happening to Alan Wake."

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Celeras3130d ago

Probably being justified as the 'retaliation' for the Heavy Rain spam ;/ Some people are just ridiculous.

morganfell3130d ago

It is a disgrace but I wonder how many of those complaining now were posting in the Heavy Rain stories that such similar instances there were equally a despicable act?

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Bnet3433130d ago

Just to let everyone know, the spoiler by one N4G account is fake.

Bathyj3130d ago


What kind of dumbarse are you for repeating it?

I mean seriously?

D4RkNIKON3130d ago

Some people are praising this sort of behavior because it is payback for the Heavy Rain game ruining spoiler. I call it karma, I couldn't bring myself to buy Heavy Rain since I knew how it ended. Balance has been restored.

Fanb0y3130d ago

Alan Wake gets laid.
Happy ending.

Bilbo653130d ago (Edited 3130d ago )

Same, pretty disappointing that i couldn't get myself to buy the game and support the risks the dev took with Heavy Rain knowing the ending, i mean that was the whole point of the game to find clues and figure it out.

Still hoping ill forget it in the coming months so i can pick up and enjoy it. Guess this is payback, but still its just a couple people who get off on ruining the games caused a snowball effect now both sides who don't have that hatred for other system owners have to suffer. Pretty embarrassing being apart of such a "community".

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jalen2473130d ago

I see what you did there...LOL

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Eddie201013130d ago

Spoiling games is a assholle thing to do, no matter what system you have preference for.

If this is some kind retaliation, just let me say that two wrong's don't make a wright.

003130d ago

I've lost all faith in N4G when someone can say "they hope a game gets spoiled" in the GAMER ZONE.

XRider3130d ago

This kind of thing is sad for all gamers. Too bad the only site with up to date game news is so infected. I blaim the mods more than the fanboys.

RockmanII73130d ago

"An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind"

Ever think what game is next? Xbox fanboys won't just say 'ok, were even'.They won't, now they will spoil a upcoming PS3 game and then the PS3 fanboys will retaliate and spoil some Xbox game. When does it end?

Triella3130d ago

If I remember correctly Remedy stated that they were afraid the end might be spoiled and after the Heavy Rain debacle they may have decided to spread fake spoilers.

DelbertGrady3130d ago (Edited 3130d ago )

Balance has to be restored? Are you seriously that retarded? So you stand behind it?

I just got a pm that spoiled Alan Wake for me. I also got Gears of War 2 spoiled when that came out. By your weak logic that means I now have the "restore balance" by spoiling two PS3 games, right? Well, guess what? I would never ever do that because I'm a gamer who has a genuine interest in gaming.

It's people like you who needs to be permanently banned from this site.

-MD-3130d ago

Agreed Soda, he needs to be removed along with the rest of the people supporting this.

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XRider3130d ago

thief I have Killzone 2 on pause right now and was playing Uncharted 2 about an hour ago. Both are shooters.

pixelsword3130d ago (Edited 3129d ago )

The average person does not have access to games this early, and the developers lose money with each reveal, so I doubt if it's developers spoiling things.

It's already been proven that nearly all Journalists are biased, you hear it in their comments, you see in in every video or article they post on their sites. A few of them have integrity, but most of them are just fanboys. But it's not the hard-working journalist; it has to be people from either the high-ranking sites who are secure and making too much money to be suspect, or the very low-ranked sites who are "nobody" sites who just happen to get copies but you really never heard of them.

And yes, articles by reporters can be purely bias-free.
If they shake their leaning and acted more professional, that is.

Middle sites that are hard-workers and have too much to lose if they pulled something like this are like Nintendo everything, 360-gamer, Playstation lifestyle, the bit-bag, Playstation lifestyle the Hip-Hop Gamer show, gamer.blorge, and others like these. THESE sites, even though they will have biased articles from time to time, and some more frequent than others, are at least trying. I may not agree with some of their tactics or articles sometimes, but overall, the integrity for each site has been proven to be spoiler-free and attempting to be like traditional journalists in the reviews they give, the interviews they hustle to get, or the quality of their articles. BUT I MUST SAY THIS: the first site from this group to cover all consoles equally and without bias will likely rise above them all. I'm rooting for a few to do it, but time will tell.

The problem is that almost all sites are following the limp and impotent politics-centric neo-journalism that plagues the airwaves, starting with Fox News, and ending with Olbermann. Either side, going extreme, degrades journalism and the stories they cover; and the same thing goes for games journalism.

Marquis_de_Sade3130d ago

A great example of how broken the bubble system is on this site

monkpunk13129d ago

Just before heavy rain released i stopped reading n4g and any other gaming websites comments and the ending threw me off completely so the spoilers failed. Metal Gear Solid 4 was another game i avoided places like this for and it was worth every second of it.

This really is a selfish thing to do and it is carried out by children or people with an iq of a gnat.

Anyone who releases spoilers..... I hope you break your arms and your a$$hole be infested by a thousand fleas.

I do fear this is a massive growing trend though, remember to ignore your p.m.

NewZealander3129d ago

this is pathetic, this is in retaliation to a few idiots that posted about heavy rain, why would people want to sink to that level.

and for people like myself that actually own both consoles? well i guess we true gamers are screwed both ways, im just avoiding any and all news about big upcoming games for both consoles.

people need to quit this stupid fanboy stuff, what is it achieving?

RealityCheck3129d ago

Besides the issue many of you have pointed out, about this practice being in poor taste and coming from non-real gamers, I wonder why though the mods on this website can't just permanently remove an account with such a name and all the posts associated with it including the headers. Just blanking out the content as reported as spam but leaving up the account name that includes the spoil is useless.

sikbeta3129d ago

AW is Already out? When?... if not, HOW can someone Spoil the Game?

N4Flamers3129d ago

are on par with Scrotie MCBoogerballs...

I said it. I tend to avoid the internet when story driven games are released because of the immature people that do these kinds of things. They are the same kinds of people that give games low reviews for the shock value.

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HolyOrangeCows3129d ago

Not that it's fair to everyone else, but the Heavy Rain spoiling nerds sort of asked for it.

Some scumbag spoiled the ending of GOW3 for me, but luckily it was a lot more complex than how he stated it.

Christopher3129d ago

The sad thing is that it's likely the exact same people doing it. You've got these a**holes doing it just to get people angry and to watch people on either side of the fanboy war fence yell at each other.

sid4gamerfreak3129d ago

Wow, u fanboys have no life, Ruining heavy rain and now alan wake. You b******* need to be punished...

HolyOrangeCows3129d ago


lol, I'm officially on the bandwagon.

EVILDEAD3603129d ago

I avoided Heavy Rain reviews and articles like the plague..I even avoided this article because I was scared to see something I didnt want to see..

I go to the Bungie interview and lo and behold on the sites comments there is the ending of Alan Wake spoiled.

I read these comments and even idiotic posts like 1.13 'Biggest' make me glad I beat GOW 3 or I would have been F-ing pissed.

There have been spoilers on almost every big game that I've seen on the forums period.

But once again..this is where good moderators can save gamers. But biased mods will allow the spoiler spam to sit on their site..biased mods won't ip ban the giulty as charged..

If something isn't done..just watch how bad it gets by the time PS3's Guardian comes out.


Rockox3129d ago

Fanboys who post spoilers are just tools. And anyone who is actually condoning this type of behaviour or who tries to rationalize it is an idiot, and only further perpetuates the stereotype that people who play videogames are immature, irrational fools.

Anyone who doesn't agree with me, grow the fck up. Seriously.

andron3129d ago

I don't know if the spoilers are true, but those spoiling games for others are just lowlifes. Should have their gaming permits revoked...

IdleLeeSiuLung3129d ago

Either way it sucks and teaches me a lesson to not read any Alan Wake news until the game is releases sans the reviews.

N4Flamers3129d ago

I find it funny that the guy who signed his comment Evil is mad when something evil is done to him.

Lifendz3129d ago

Someone attempted to spoil Heavy Rain for me. I luckily averted my eyes but I know plently of people weren't so lucky. It's a shame that a few individuals have taken this whole fanboy war to a whole other level by attempting to spoil a game for others.

If I had the internet savy to locate these people based on their IPs, and the money to fly out to them, I'd propose doing a Jay and Silent Bob on all these effers.

vhero3129d ago

I am against this people who do this really are retarded though what did you 360 fanboys expect you did it with Heavy rain and then b*tch and cry when the ps3 fanboys retaliated by doing it back to you with Alan Wake. Honestly you reap what you sow. This is all just childish really though and why I hate this whole friggin fanboy war grow up people.

corneliuscrust3129d ago

balance has been restored?

it's that kind of fcking comment that tells these pathetic morons that they are doing the right thing. Evil begets evil. Causing a feedback loop doesnt help anyone. We win when this behaviour is dead.

Kurt Russell3129d ago

Idiots throw around spoilers and idiots care when their game/film is ruined... I still don't know the ending of Heavy Rain - still holding out to the price drops to find out.

Rockox3129d ago

@1.2 - I bet you'd be surprised how many of the same people who were mad about the Heavy Rain spoilers are now upset about the Alan Wake spoilers.

@1.6 "Balance has been restored"
@1.42 "you reap what you sow"

Corneliuscrust is bang-on. People who justify this type of behavior need to give their heads a shake. And vhero, I didn't sow sht, yet here I am with two games spoiled for me. It wasn't cool when Heavy Rain got spoiled, and it's still not cool that Alan Wake got spoiled.

HDgamer3129d ago

Heavy Rain has a lot of different endings, so giving away one ending won't do you justice. This game isn't even out nor due out till when? May 18 2010? I guess the reviewers decided to spoil the game. Meh only possible on 360

mastiffchild3129d ago

FFS. We all knew this would happen and why it should have ever sprung up in anyone's mind as a decent thing to do is so far beyond me it's not worth trying to rationalise it personally.

People on both sides of this phoney war that hurts us all and benefits no one whatsoever need to learn to be the bigger man in all of this and make it stop once and for all and the rest f us grown ups shouls just have no tolerance of anyone supporting, let alone doing, this kind of stupidity.

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alphakennybody3130d ago (Edited 3130d ago )

console war has fallen to a new low! even as a fanboy I know that there are limits, but this is pure stupidity.


BobKotickIsTheKiller3130d ago

and Bobby Koticks is the killer! :D

mal_tez923130d ago

Spoiler alert - You died in Uncharted

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alphakennybody3130d ago

"No, when you are a fanboy there really is no limit to the depths you can sink. This site is a shinning example."

Let me rephrase that "when you are a TROLL there really is no limit to the depth you can sin"

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N4PS3G3130d ago (Edited 3130d ago )

It sucked for Heavy Rain and will suck for Alan Wake too..this is beyond stupid

and you know what sucks the most? The game is soo faaar away that avoiding these is going to be almost impossible : \

FiLTHY GAMER3130d ago

Xbox games tend to leak a lot sooner. Whether or not they are legit, I do not want to find out.

kneon3129d ago (Edited 3129d ago )

That's right, I don't know how it happens but there seems to often be cracked copies of Xbox games floating around sometimes long before the official release. I think anyone that really wants to avoid the spoilers is just going to have to pull the plug on the web for a few months.

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