Sylvania Blu-ray Disc Player going for $59.99

Forget about the Sony PS3 being the most affordable Blu-ray player in the market - if you happen to scour Amazon, the Sylvania Blu-ray Disc Player breaks all records with its $59.99 price tag.

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ClownBelt3130d ago

" Forget about the Sony PS3 being the most affordable Blu-ray player in the market"

Where in the flying hell are you getting this false info? No one's saying that PS3 is the most affordable blu ray player, because it isn't in the first place. Everyone's saying it's the best blu ray player, because you can update it unlike the others.

Nitrowolf23130d ago

well you can actually update others but i would have to say PS3 has the best way compared to others. Some also can do it with wireless connection to the internet and some are just a pain in the a$$ because they require you to burn the iso to a disc and then sometimes that doesn't even work

ASSASSYN 36o3130d ago

They are late and you obviously missed the old news that in fact the Ps3 WAS the cheapest blu-ray player on the market when blu-ray arrived. So yes there were plenty of articles stating it. That is were the true albeit late info flew in from.

nycredude3129d ago

Hahahaha hating on the Ps3 with "sylvania"? Don't they make lightbulbs or something. Go check out Sylvania hdtv quality and tell me you would buy ANYTHING made by them, especially a bluray player cheaper than dvd players! LOL

Apocalypse Shadow3130d ago

the bigger the penetration.bluray will just get that much stronger.

all the fools talking about chinese hd media or holographic discs need to shut it.dvd is on its way out and bluray is on its way in.

and with 3D already being settled and coming to bluray,and with bluray being capable of upgrading from it's original size like it did on ps3(25-50gig),it means it's not going anywhere anytime soon.