R.I.P Dr. Wallace Breen (Robert Culp)

Gamer Limit writes "Robert Culp, the actor most gamers would associate with the HL2 antagonist Wallace Breen, died today at the of 79. Culp's publicist has stated that he died from a fall in a Los Angeles park; no further details have been released as of yet."

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thedoctor3133d ago

Waiting for the jokes to come flooding in.

BreakNeckSpeed3133d ago

The voice actor for Gordon Freeman is next to die.

Darkstorn3133d ago

I wonder what's going to happen with Episode 3...

3133d ago
TheIneffableBob3133d ago

Breen already died. This isn't going to affect Episode Three or Half-Life 3.

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overlordror3133d ago

Wow. Looks like Valve will be needing a new voice for Episode 3. You know he's gonna be back.

Ziriux3133d ago

Ahh what sad news, I'm going to miss the man, good job on the HL 2 game.

TheGameLlama3133d ago

All the cool voices are dying off... :(

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The story is too old to be commented.