Gamer Limit Review: Perfect Dark

Gamer Limit writes: "Let me speak to you honestly for a moment about fashion. As much as it pains me to admit, I've never looked very good in retro goggles. Perhaps they just clash with the shape of my head, which is somewhere between a long rectangle, a rhombus, and a lampshade. Whatever the case, wearing them around is not only painful for me, but also for those who have to witness this fashion emergency.

But I've learned to live with this shortcoming, largely by sticking to a more modest style, one that is free from the restraints imposed by retro goggles. Every game I try on is a brand new experiment, and if it looks good on me, I'll know that it's truly a good fit and not just a pleasing pairing for my retro goggles."

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ape0073132d ago

I've ever seen in my whole life

perfect dark single player experience is the best ever, it really exposes modern shooters, just show you how shallow and casual they become

move from point A to B, clearing everything in between, WOWOWOW genius, just focusing on the WOW factor, physics and immersion, yeah, that's why we always end up hoked up on multiplayer, cause single player modes became SHALLOW, if Rare did a next gen perfect dark 2 like the original, it would be my dream come true

perfect dark is a masterpiece of a work, in its design, soundtrack, oh my god how amazing the soundtrack is in PD, charm, everything and a review like that just show you how gamers became Lazy as time pass, it's a crime to give this a 6.5, really

PD a 6.5???? don't you find humiliating for you to write it

if you haven't played the original, you should not review it

I've been playing PD nonstop since march 17, it's the best thing I've ever downloaded, the game is still amazing, creative, brilliant, balanced, it never get old, like I said, put modern shooters to shame in terms of single player design