MW2 'Mapathy' condition gains humorous trailer

The Lost Gamer writes "Whilst many of you will have been checking out the trailer for the upcoming "Stimulus Package" Map Pack for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 today, most won't have noticed the addition of a further trailer designed to poke fun at the Mapathy condition itself."

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mastiffchild3131d ago

Given that the marketing budget for MW2 already newarly doubled what it cost IW to create the game I'd suggest that any commercials for it, or it's DLC map packs, should be bloody amazing as the price WE paid was a complete lack of dedicated servers, QA and beta testing, a laughably feeble plot(complete with controversy hounding and pointless, and stupid, No Russian tag on)for the campaign and the same basic game we'd had for the previous two years already WITHOUT the number of effin bugs and glitches they managed top fit into MW2!

Personally, I think they owe gamers a little over MW2 as some of that excessive marketing moolah should have gone into making the game run better online and having fewer easily avoidable bugs and glitches in both SP and MP games. No one expected perfection(we know games are complex and bugs always sneak through)but we did expect them to do reasonable amounts of QA/beta testing AND, for a market leading on lione shooter were dedicated servers really too much to ask for in 2009? Should gamers, whether on PC,PS3 or 360 accept laggy P2P with it's limited numbers per side just so Acti could screw us for even more while cutting every conceivable corner to maximise profits(which were always gonna be massive in any case)while seemingly thinking a grotesque marketing budget was fine?

Another thing:If ANY game was ever going to need less pushing to the punters than MW2 I'd love to be told what it is/was. Honestly, it winds me up that they let people down so badly in terms of quality, value and progression with a game so many were so happy to buy from them. It was a triumph of divide and rule cuts in features/hikes in prices which let everything go through just fine while the gamers fought it out among themselves instead of pulling either IW or Activision until it was way too late and we'd already spunked our hard earned in their direction. Personally I don't think I feel "Mapathy" so much as I think we might all suffer from a-patch-etic, stress syndrome waiting for yet another online "fix" to fail to sort out a game that ran fine twice before.

Anyone else making the vid would have been pretty funny but it's just a bit rich coming from Kotick's shysters. I'm beginning to feel a little sorry for everyone who bought the game now-not that I wouldn't have enjoyed a few games with everyone as underneath the crap it's still a good game(well it's COD4 which is still a good game in it's own right), but it's all got a little bit too much for me now as the corners being cut have continued showing just how thin Activision demanded IW spread themselves on MW2 while spending a ton of marketing money convincing the convinced of how great their undercooked game was going to be. We were had, all of us, imo.

When the usual , yearly Fifa update from bloody EA was better value for money and runs better on line too then you know something's up. Fifa10 moved on a LONG way further from the previous iteration while MW2(ignoring, this time WaW and Treyarch)did practically sod all by comparison in double the time. And, yes, I realise that Fifa10's changes were mainly just tweaks but that's my whole effin point, really.

DJexs3131d ago (Edited 3131d ago )

I have a problem with repetitiveness of gameplay(this goes for all games) after awhile i just get bored and have to move on then i regret buying all the games I got bored with. Hopefully the maps will bring me back for a bit. As long as I can share with my friend who is going to buy em because I'm not spending 15 bucks for this sorry lol. But I do love the comericial

3131d ago
xGet_In_There3131d ago

I like the video but give it a week before people are bit*hing about the same stuff again.