Bungie: Life after Reach "All Options are Open Right Now"

Recently an employee over at Bungie was asked about the companies consideration for PS3 support. While the company will be independent after the completion of Halo Reach, this now means that they don't have to stick with Microsoft. Again, Brian Jarrard was asked again about where the companies interests lie when talking about developing for other platforms. He said " I know these things are still pending topics in the studio." and "We definitely have plans in the works, and I think we're really close to understanding of what is next and who, what, when , where" but most importantly for those hoping for Bungie titles to be available on other systems than the Xbox 360 " All options are open right now, so long as we find the best possible fit for our creative vision and what this project is going to be."

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Def Warrant3130d ago

Note to Bungie:

You can only achieve GOTY status on the ps3 ;)

3130d ago
JasonPC360PS3Wii3130d ago

You mean like how Gears of War was GOTY on he 360?

Foliage3129d ago

You mean "Gears of War", that game that released before the PS3? That multi-platform game that was also released on the PC which had the better version?... hahaha

As you can see by your failed point, the original poster was right.

lociefer3130d ago

bungie is a talented team, i hope they make a multiplaform game thts not a fps

NYC_Gamer3130d ago

really doubt that bungie makes something multiplat...

thebudgetgamer3130d ago (Edited 3130d ago )


edit: good point, although i would love to see what they could do with the ps3.

NYC_Gamer3130d ago

bungie will forever be in bed with MS...only way something goes multi is if MS doesnt think it will be huge exclusive wise..

RememberThe3573130d ago

But I think it would be pretty cool if they did. I would love to see them team up with a new publisher for a new IP. I don't care if it's a FPS or not I just want to see what other universes the team can create.

jamesrocks31473130d ago

is because if theres no halo? what will xbox 360 come to yes its got gears and that but it needs to keep those titles coming

Blaze9293130d ago (Edited 3130d ago )

I'd like to see what they could do on the PS3 just for the heck of it. Doesnt matter to me what they do next, I'll still be able to play it. Oh how I love being a multi-platform console owner :)


unless they go PC only then I'll be pissed because my PC sucks for gaming >_<

Rockox3130d ago

DON'T GO INTO THE OPEN ZONE. Potential spoiler for Alan Wake. Spoiler is in user's name.

3130d ago

Its funny how many ps3 fangirls Hate Halo, and now all of a sudden they want Bungie to make a game on the ps3??


Its never going to happen, so wake up ps3 fangirls!!!!

Bungie and Microsoft are like best friends!!!

Bungie wouldnt cheat on Microsoft!!

presto7173130d ago

Yes yes. Once we are done with Halo we well definitely be going multiplatform. We are so sick of MS and will be glad to leave them finally. Expect us to start learning the ps3 so we can use it as the lead platform for our next game.

sikbeta3130d ago


AW is already out? if not, there is no spoiler


I don't think they'll go multiplat, but it'll be pretty cool to see what they can do in other Consoles

KillaManiac3130d ago

These topics about Bungie after Halo Reach are completely retarded.

This exact same topic came before Halo 3 was released and Bungie said that Halo 3 would be the LAST Halo for a while but the door would always be open. All of a sudden they wanna make Halo ODST. Now there is going to be Halo Reach.

Microsoft is simply giving Bungie too much money to pass up. I don't at all deny them for that, but stop telling us your going to try something outside Halo universe until you have a freaking title to announce.

madjedi3130d ago

@legendary If you have to insult 1 whole group of people that many times, before you even get to your point, you need to see a shrink for your inferiority complex. There is being a fanboy and being a rabid flaming fanboy just to be a d*ck, ever wonder why you have so few bubbles.

The best console fps out there, i won't tell you your opinion is wrong halo3mlg, because its only an opinion. @skygamer also the stroking my pc's d*ck wasn't impressive even when i was a pc guy + even less so with fb bs added in, now going past 2 idiots and a halo nut.

Bungie could be second party like insomniac, while i doubt they will ever go ps3 exclusive, to say that will never go multiplatform is a bit shortsighted atm. And i am guess ms and bungie aren't on terms as well as sony and some of their 1st party and second party studios are.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3130d ago

When they say "all options are open" they mean like anther game. Bungie will never make any game for anyone but MS, they know where their fans are.

vhero3129d ago

They will make another halo they are too scared to make a game that hasn't got the Halo name on it. Havn't they proved that already? Halo name sells as the quality of the games certainly don't. Bungie will always hide behind the Halo name they are a 1 trick pony and until I am proved otherwise your disagrees are meaningless.

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SpartanZero3130d ago

Note to Bungie:

You can only achieve low sales on the ps3 ;)

Sonyslave33130d ago

LOL that funny 2007 GOTY Halo 3 10 million copies sold worldwide it wouldn't make any cents to make ps3 fps to only see it flop.

Killzone2 suppose to be halo killer 2 million

Resistance2 Halo killer number 2 1 million

Mo0eY3130d ago (Edited 3130d ago )

Poor bot, he said Halo 3 was "Game of the Year." Let's check Wikipedia:

HMMMM, when I hit CTRL + F and typed in "Halo 3" it only showed one website:

Let's swing over to Metacritic for 2007 games: Super Mario Galaxy (meta: 97) is better than Halo 3 (meta: 94). In fact, Halo 3 didn't even make the top 360 game so how can it be Game of the Year? Dawww, I done hurt your feelings now. Cry moar :'(

ryano232773130d ago

Yes, Halo 3 has killed any game in terms of sales.

But Killzone 2 killed Halo 3 in the ONLY thing that actually matters.

While enjoying PLAYING Killzone 2, the 1 thing that always took something away from the GAME was the fact that it only sold 2 million.
I just felt Killzone 2 lacked something because it didn't sell 10 million.

That must be the exact same reason why I hated, MGS4, UC, UC2, MSPR, inF, MAG, HR, GOW3. I just can't enjoy these games knowing they didn't out sell Halo.

The Iron Sheik3130d ago (Edited 3130d ago )

Gee let me think. What is more important to me the gamer? Playing GOTY games or other people making money that I will never see a nickel of?

You bots seriously have some messed up priorities.

Oh and I know what you are thinking "If the game doesn't sell they won't make another one." I guess that is why Resistance & Killzone (flops only by demented bot logic) are both getting sequels.

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SpartanZero3130d ago

Yeah Bungie should do something other than FPS. Halo Reach is competing with Halo 3 they need to dominate another genre

Mo0eY3130d ago

It's true. The Xbox 360 has no other games that Halo Reach can compete with besides Halo 3 and well, Gears 1/2, of course. You're right on the money!

*presses agree*

JasonPC360PS3Wii3130d ago

Mooey PS3 has no games that can compete with Halo 3 or Gears 1/2 at all.

FanboyAttack3130d ago

You never know but they have a good thing with Microsoft.