Game Revolution: Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction Preview

Game Revolution writes: "I am not-in that deep, reflective place that's honest enough to face Reality, cautious enough to evaluate all possibilities, and just dorky enough to attempt calculating one's chances against completely fictional characters-'afraid' of Solid Snake. If I suddenly, some-crazy-how, found myself athwart Snake's goals, he'd be wearily, jadedly big-picture enough to see my intentions and pass me by (or at least leave me harmlessly cold-cocked under a stairwell). I'm not afraid of Duke Nukem, because A) he's apparently never coming back, and B) even if he were, we'd get along famously, on a kindred soul/blowing stuff up/nudie-bar-buddy basis. I'm not afraid of James Bond-not even the Daniel Craig version, mind you!-because he's base-arrogant enough to wait for me to make the kind of stick-my-neck-out overture that, at least around a guy like him, I would never be dumb enough to make."

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