LOST island hidden in Just Cause 2

Gamers are reporting coming across a familiar looking island whilst exploring Just Cause 2.
Eidos Interactive have replicated the whole LOST Island for you to explore.

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Phi395824932d ago

I may have gotten a bit tired of Lost, however, the creation of the island within Just Cause 2....especially considering it is just a small blip on the map, is truly impressive!

-Alpha4931d ago

Yesterday's episode was the best of the season, and it's as great as episodes like "The Constant".

This is by far the coolest Easter Egg I have ever seen.

SullyDrake4931d ago

I cannot believe how incredible of an epic win this is. I hope these guys do a second Lost game!

ProjectVulcan4931d ago

There is soooooooo much hidden in this game its really fantastic, the map is massive and by that i mean it makes san andreas look small. So much to see and do

-Alpha4931d ago

Is it a giant sandbox of randomness? I know there's a story but is it like GTA with more fun?

Rockox4931d ago

DON'T GO INTO THE OPEN ZONE. Potential spoiler for Alan Wake. Spoiler is in user's name.

TheGrimReaper4931d ago

I don't even own a 360 and it pisses me off!
Guys do you remember the Heavy Rain spoilers? You didn't like it, did you? So why do you spoil this game? Fanboys are retarded...

MrMacabre4931d ago

I wanna grapple that fat guy to a helicopter just to see if i can lift him!

iceman064931d ago

More like a sandbox of awesomeness! Seriously, if you ever liked the mercenaries series of games. Or if you just like to get into GTA and explore and wreak havoc...then this should be your new game. It is mostly about creatively destroying just about everything that you see...and watching the carnage unfold. I have sunk 4 hours into the game and really haven't taken any missions. I just like playing with the grapple combinations and the parachuting. At this point, I seriously could care less about the story...I just want to blow more stuff up.

vickers5004931d ago

It would be cool if you go to far off the map, the smoke monster comes and takes you away.

BISHOP-BRASIL4931d ago (Edited 4931d ago )

@ Mitchel

Yup, already interested here too, also conviced by this little plus extra.

Too bad it gonna have to wait, I'm low on money now and just got Heavy Rain and God Of War 3 on the brazillian launch last week (I believe GOW3 launch like 2 or 3 days later here) and backlog is just getting bigger, still want MAG and Yakuza 3, also curiuous about FFXIII, WKC and Bayonetta (can't see me renting RPGs through and Bayonetta is nowhere to be found around here - as with most games after some time, stores don't restock since the market is small).

January and February are important tax months here (house, car, motorcycle, insurance) and just got a medical emergency in the family...

I guess I'll be getting Y3, MAG and JC2 by late April or May.

PooEgg4931d ago

Well it might have been cool if it remained a secret, but now that it is spoiled it lost it's charm, thanks ps3attitude.com, I'll make sure to avoid you in the future to avoid having anything else spoiled for me.

Rockox4931d ago

It was cool walking around the island in Lost: Via Domus, but unfotunately that was about the only thing cool about that game. This looks WAY more fun.

Oh, and Alpha-Male, you're right. The Richard episode was fantastic. I'll be a bit sad when the show is all over, as I'll never be able to watch the series again with the same sense of mystery and wonder.

4931d ago
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DelbertGrady4932d ago

"Eidos Interactive have replicated the whole LOST Island for you to explore."

I think they mean Avalanche Studios. Eidos only publishes it in NA.

peeps4931d ago

i thought it was developed by avalanche and eidos and published by SE?

TheGrimReaper4931d ago

"Published by Square Enix, Inc. Developed by Avalanche Studios."

WTF has Eidos to do with it? They are mentioned on the site but I am confused why they are. Could anyone do some research (I am at work)?

rexus123454931d ago

Eidos is owned by Square, they are basically the NA/EU publisher branch of Square Enix

Eiffel4931d ago

It is, Both Eidos and Avalanche Studios developed Just Cause 2.

Theonik4931d ago

Eidos was bought by SE a few months ago and SE is using them to publish their games on Europe and the US. Just Cause 2 was getting published by Eidos anyway before the acquisition.

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despair4931d ago

just for doing when they had no reason to is amazing in its self. Guess we know what their favorite show is :)

Ares84PS34931d ago

....just out of fun or because they are inspired by something. It's obvious that the dev. team loves lost that is why they put it in there. If I was working on a game for example it would be a game set in Ancient Rome that's for sure. Also you would be able to see characters like Pullo and Vorenus. Guess what is my favorite show :D

Harry1904931d ago

Cause I'm the Black Smoke Monster. Grrrrr.

user8586214931d ago

you are evil!! and you shall neva leave teh island!! :@

jannytime4931d ago

i think lost is gay but this is just pure awesome. good sh!t eidos

Neo Nugget4931d ago

Lost is pretty epic. I may have to add this to my gamefly Que :)