Sony Loses Developer Relations Manager DeLoura

In a high-profile personnel loss for Sony, Gamasutra has learned that the company's longstanding Manager of Developer Relations at Sony Computer Entertainment America, Mark DeLoura, has departed the firm for a new technical director position at Ubisoft North America.

DeLoura, who is well-respected within the industry and serves on the Game Developers Conference advisory board, has chosen to leave his position in the months leading up to the PlayStation 3's release, and the move is likely to spark new concerns about the readiness of Sony for the November launch date.

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Captain Tuttle5406d ago

The rats are leaving the sinking ship.

CAPS LOCK5406d ago

there could be a couple of reasons he left:

1. he rigged the ps3 with explosives

2. he got payed more from ub soft

3. there where better looking women on the ub softs side.

4. they threatend his family and raped his cats.

5. he was warned by the rats that the xplosives with dethinate a week after the ps3 was bought.

LAWMAN5406d ago

Probably not a good sign. . .

Although I have to say that MS has its own problems as well:

A total of 1900 360 sold in June in all of Japan, and a whopping eight (8) X-boxs! There were more PS2's sold in one hour and more Game Boys sold than 360's and X-boxs together. That is crazy. It will probably come down to MS taking the share in the U.S. and Sony taking its share in Japan.

TheMART5406d ago

I guess Wii takes Japan. Those guys just need their own sort of games. With N3, Blue Dragon (seen the game rankings in Japan recently? Blue Dragon showed up on it, which is something remarkable).

Furthermore, Japan is a declining gaming market on consoles. Those people are more into handhelds.

They still used the MSX-2(+) years after the system did stopped selling. The rest of the world had moved on, but Japanese were still playing that thing. So will it be with PS. It had it's period of pride, now it has to give the crown to 360. Like Nintendo once has to give it to PS.

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The story is too old to be commented.