The Evolution of Female Gaming

kokugamer writes: "I remember when I first got my Sega Genesis console. The first game I received, as a gift from my much older, martial artist brother….was Mortal Kombat. In my brothers mind, I am sure he believed this to be the perfect gift for his fragile seven year old sister."

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Ziriux3128d ago

Yea, glad to see female gaming involve, primarily thanks to the Nintendo consoles and a diversity in games released these days, Bioshock was one women loved much, also it helps to have some casual titles on each system.

PaLaK-3128d ago

more and more girls are buying ps3s at my school/nearby schools, which is good as slowly the stereotype I loath about fat virgin repressed guy gamers is getting rubbished.. however, I must say they only rarely play, and when they do it's usually the casual stuff e.g. cod or fifa, never much else.. it'd be nice if they could play other stuff e.g. heavy rain which i think they would like, it's a shame mediocre games like mw2 dominate word of mouth amongst teenage boys, even my own friends. I'm sure if they were told about heavy rain/bioshock type games they would love them as they are quite a 'deep' experience!

Prototype3128d ago

Gamer girls exist?


Cinotix3128d ago

Who really cares, common Koku it's been over written.

mau643128d ago

Cinotix, it's never over done when talking about girls.

Valay3128d ago

I'm happy there are more female gamers out there.

Ziriux3128d ago

Since you're a nintendo owner you'll never really know lol, well even on live it's hard to tell when they dont use mics to talk to you.

ThatArtGuy3128d ago

Considering how often they get harassed, I don't blame them.

Sonyslave33128d ago

Sony was right only little boys and girls play the DS nice pic of Beyonce how old is she.

Ziriux3128d ago

I think she's 27, but looks about 15 in that picture, very cute in my opinion.

Oh darn that sounded bad, i really don't enjoy or like 15 year old girls i swear.

Ninji3128d ago (Edited 3128d ago )

So you enjoy/like 15 year old boys?

If so, join the XBL community with all of the other bots who like 15 yr old boys. That's why all of them are anticipating Milo.

Myst3128d ago

I must ask what is it with these articles appearing every few weeks or so? Honestly it's nice that females are getting into gaming, but why so much attention?

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The story is too old to be commented.