DualShockers Sony PlayStation Move - Anton Mikhailov Interview by Joel Taveras

Yaris Gutierrez, Editor-in-Chief of DualShockers writes, "At the PlayStation Move event yesterday here in NYC, we were exposed to some nifty things – first hand – that the new PS3 peripheral is able to do. And, yes, it does everything that Sony promised it will do at last year's E3. However, I won't go too much into that just yet. You'll have to wait a bit until I finish the event coverage, which will be up tonight.

Our Deputy Editor Joel Taveras was fortunate enough to shoot the <blank> with one of the PlayStation Move's engineers and satisfy some questions he had looming in his head during the event.. To give you a better idea of who I'm talking about, just try to recall last year's E3. Remember that young-looking nerdy guy that was showing off the Move on stage during the unveiling? Yea, that dude. His name is Anton Mikhailov, and he is part of the engineering team behind the PlayStation Move's technology that makes the upcoming wireless controller, in so many words, sexy.

Check out Joel getting his interview on with Anton after the jump..."

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ThatCanadianGuy3131d ago

"Remember that young-looking nerdy guy that was showing off the Move on stage during the unveiling? Yea, that dude."

Wow, what a nice way to refer to the guy who took time out of his busy night to talk to you.

-Alpha3131d ago

I would kiss the feet of Anton if I ever got an interview with him.

He's actually a pretty cool looking guy and I have never seen him crap-talk the competition. Looks like an honest working guy and a brilliant one at that.

Hitman07693131d ago

This was a funny and great interview.

JoeReno3131d ago

Oh no, some phantom fanboi got butt hurt by a good interview about a playstation product.. "disagrees for everyone, put it on my tab"


JoelT3131d ago

The PlayStation Move was great. It's better to experience the peripheral for yourself in order to actually get a feel for how awesome it really is in person.

JoeReno3131d ago (Edited 3131d ago )

If it comes to a town near me I'm there, but from everything I've seen this will really be a nice add-on to an already great system.

Very good interview, funny and informative.

JoelT3131d ago

Sony delivered on everything they promised with the Move. Funny thing is that the device is still in the Alpha stage and there is room for improvement.

Hitman07693131d ago

Wow, that's great to hear!

Hitman07693131d ago

It is great to know that the PlayStation MOVE will only have about the same amount of latency as the DualShock 3 (which is virtually un-noticeable). Thanks for the in-depth interview Joel!

Ninferno3131d ago

great interview, great controller

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