PlayStation move - The Engadget Show full Version

In this Video you will see the PlayStation Move in the Engadget live show in a 19 minute long video! This is the Complete Video part of the PlayStation Move of the engadget live show.

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NateNater3133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

"If you cover it up (the move) its a lot like the Wii Plus Motion sensor would be."

Proof that Move is much better than Wii :P

Fishy Fingers3133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

It tracks in 3D, that alone makes it head and shoulders over the Wiimote.

People really need to get over the whole, move/wiimote, Natal/PSEye comparisons.

Parapraxis3133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )


Parapraxis3133d ago

Full show, from original site, available in HD to download, stream:

WildArmed3133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

Finally I was waiting for this to hit n4g.


no fair, i want a free DS3 xD

Michael Myers3133d ago

will crush the competition in my opinion.

3133d ago
DaTruth3133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

At least we're seeing the Move! I would start to be worried if it's six months away and we're still hearing what it "WILL" do. PSMove has articles and videos discussing what it is "DOING"; Actually watching the Minority Report stuff instead of speculating it!

I mean, if I was eagerly anticipating either.

Edit: And it's working on an actual PS3 too!

DJexs3133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

This stuff seems super outdated. It is obviously shot before the GDC demo was shown because they didn't know about socom 4 so this news article is super outdated even though posted today. The GDC showed a way better demo.

All you who intend to flame remember this is a Tech Demo

sikbeta3133d ago

Awesome, I want to watch the whole stuff again, I'm out of the Motion-hype but the "minority-report video" was Amazing...

Army_of_Darkness3133d ago

That short chubby guy was pretty annoying, damn..

"the audience, maybe they can see this lag" "when you look at what your doing, there really is a significant delay"

Almost sounds like he was trying to find any possible flaw on the move controller, even though it was pointed out to him that it is only a tech demo!
I think I'll have to watch it again because I didn't really see a "significant delay to the point were I even noticed it.

Bigpappy3133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

Where do they store the predefined weapons? Will developers be creating their own? Another observation: when they demo'ed the armored warrior and were trying to switch users. It seemed like when they handed the "Move's" over to another person, the armor did not immediately go to the person with the move's. It stayed with the original user until he moved a good distance away from the controllers. That is something they need to fix. May be if they had pause the game then hand over, it might have reset. They need some kind of reset for handing off the controllers. But they need a solution so they can put that in the instruction manual.

If they get bad press on this, it is their own fault. They should have planed something for the people trying the controller to do when they took control (like chopping off zombie heads or something. Instead, they just starting swinging the swords around like kid and had nothing else to use the controllers for.

ChozenWoan3133d ago

That actually was a great way to show that the PSMove system is already using facial recognition. As long as Anton was on screen the doll was attached to his body movements. As for changing players, that can be easily done in games. The reason for the glitch was due to this being a tech demo, such things should not be a problem in the final products.

As for your other concerns, this is only a tech demo. Just a tool used by the R&D team as a means to create "Proof of Concept" demos.

One thing I find interesting, is that you can actually watch as new features and uses seem to show up each week with the PSMove. Meanwhile on the MS/Natal front, we are getting the same demo's from E309 without so much as an improvement. Yet it is supposed to be the start of something big and monumental for all of humanity. MS is gonna have to bring it cause PSMove is already changing the way developers make games...
... and it hasn't even hit the streets yet.

DatNJDom813133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

I never went to engadget's website before and after seeing that video, I wont ever. They were disrespectful IMO. Why would they use the product the way its NOT supposed to be used? Sigh.

Ill tell you one thing. At least I actually see Move working. Wheres NATAL?

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xXSilentXx3133d ago

i love the tin man at 7:0 minute :)

Godmars2903133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

If Move has an online component, with people able to play one another with visual effects, that's got to be an automatic win.

Also,seeing the bit where the guy is tossing and flipping Move and its sword is moving with it exactly, that should slam the lag argument.

xXSilentXx3133d ago

i only had cut the Playstation Move part from the entire show that was like 4 hours.!

Parapraxis3133d ago

Yup, I see that. And trust me, most people will be very thankful.
I just thought I'd link to the full version for those people who want to see the other bits aside from the PS Move parts.

Again, thanks for this more concise and focused clip.
Good work.

JustTheFactsMr3133d ago

Unfortunately I couldn't even watch more than a few minutes with those rude and ignorant "hosts" but thanks anyway.

ThatCanadianGuy3133d ago

Man, those engadget host's are such raging douchebags..

LordMarius3133d ago

i know ungrateful bastards with lame jokes

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