Should Games For Windows Live Die?

PC gaming is famously a muddled, complicated affair. If your only experience of videogames is via consoles, then common PC obstacles like system specifications, graphics drivers, port forwarding and DirectX are going to scare and confuse you.

But Microsoft is here to help.

In May 2007, shortly after the launch of Windows Vista and with Xbox 360 increasing steadily in popularity, the company launched Games for Windows Live. Part of a larger initiative that includes branding of all PC game boxes and a rating system to simply identify which games your computer is capable of running, it's an application and service that offers online matchmaking, auto-downloading of patches, a downloadable content marketplace and, in some cases, crossplatform play with Xbox 360 users.

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Babaganoosh273131d ago

yes it should its gaming blasphemy

Charmers3131d ago

As a PC gamer we can all do our part to kill this sorry ass system. I refuse to buy ANY game that uses Games For Windows Live. In my view any game that uses GFWL is going to be a complete mess and isn't worth my money.

I am on the fence about Games For Windows titles though (it's just branding and no live interface). I don't automatically dismiss GFW titles but anything that uses GFWL I don't touch.

Perhaps if Microsoft actually starts putting a bit of effort into the GFWL service and actually starts doing something positive for PC gaming I might be tempted to buy games that use GFWL. However whilst Microsoft continues to mortgage the PC's future to give it's crappy toy console a leg up I won't touch it.

baraka0073131d ago

It could have been good if Microsoft cared about PC gaming like say Valve does. As it is now I'd say let it die.