Pachter's Podium: Super Mario Galaxy 2, Halo Reach Not System Sellers

IG: Fellow analyst Jesse Divnich recently wrote an op-ed for IG about why PlayStation Move will succeed. He seems to be more bullish on the motion controller than most people, whereas you seem to think Natal will perform far better sales-wise. Now that we've all seen Move at GDC, have you altered your opinion on Sony's product?

Pachter: My projection for Natal outselling Move is based upon something Microsoft told me in May, 2009--that Natal would be packed into the box for every Xbox 360 sold after its launch. They may have changed their minds, but I understood them to plan for a "forced" bundle. Recent rumors of the Xbox 360 Slim support the concept of a Natal bundle, since Natal plus software could cost $60 - 80. If they can cut the production cost of the 360 by $50 with a slim version, they could afford to bundle Natal into the box at the same $299 price point, and I think that they would sell millions of these a year for the next few years.

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-Alpha3224d ago (Edited 3224d ago )

Halo Reach and Super Mario Galaxy are damn well system sellers. They are the poster mascots for their consoles and Halo 3 specifically is to this day supporting 100,000 users daily.

Halo Reach is going to be a juggernaut title and there's no doubt that MS is going to hype the thing to hell and back.

As for Wii, it doesn't even need to sell any more systems but surely hardcore Nintendo fans, if they exist anymore, will be buying a Wii if they don't already own one.

If you read the article he even says SOCOM is not a system seller. Obviously not. Sony games tend to lack that one obvious mascot as their games are much more diversified, but to say that MS and Nintendo lack system seller games when history proves otherwise is incorrect: Also, consider the fact that MS is likely to slash prices, and I guarantee Nintendo will do the same and you have these two games being juggernauts for 2010.

MasFlowKiller3224d ago (Edited 3224d ago )

As much as i hate to think Pachter could be right for once, i cant help but think that everyone that wanted to buy a wii for mario already has one & i dont know if the fact that ODST sucked will effect reach.

I think Natal might be if done right
I think PSmove might be if done right
And i know Zelda will be, well becuase its Zelda

showtimefolks3224d ago

when i joined n4g i thought of you as a big ps3 basher but you have proved me wrong over time you are mostly on all major articles and you make great point keep it up.

where the hell is bungie i miss that guy lol!

You are right again ps3 games tend to sell over time but sell great numbers i think GT5 will sell millions at launch since people in europe,japan and the states love sim racing.

and Gt5 is the best option for sim racing perios.

ALPHA people who wanted to play halo bought a xbox360 some might still but most everyone has one. do you think it will sell halo 3 numbers i think halo has lost some touch they need a BOOM for halo reach and i don't mean that ADVERTISEMENT WISE

Dance3224d ago

Halo Reach and Mario are going to be big no doubt about it

young juice3223d ago (Edited 3223d ago )

when has patcher ever been right?

infact, now i think hes just saying the opposite of what he wants to happen. :P

Edit: i think gt5 will sell the most

blitz06233223d ago

Reach and Galaxy 2 won't be system sellers because most people that will buy them ALREADY have a 360 or a Wii. Look, both of those games are already part of a huge franchise. If anything, it was Halo 3 and/or Mario Galaxy that were system sellers. But not these 2. Pachter's right.

eLiNeS3223d ago (Edited 3223d ago )

ODST did not suck and any let down some may feel will be made up on Reach! Trust me, Reach will own and PS3 fanboys will want a piece of it as well.

Microsoft is ending support for the original Xbox next month making the stragglers to finally Jump In. System sellers for sure.

Natal will sell many systems but could take off more in 2011 since word of mouth will sell Natal like the Wii did in it's day.

Thanks, I will take Pachter's job.

captain-obvious3223d ago (Edited 3223d ago )

No no no
you guys are wrong, actually they'll be system sellers


Not as big as halo3 and the firs SMG were
but software wise both games well do great

Biggest3223d ago (Edited 3223d ago )

So you are saying that people are going to buy the Xbox 360 to play Halo:Reach, but didn't buy it to play Halo 3, Halo Wars, and Halo: OTSD? Now re-read that statement but substitute Xbox 360 with Nintendo Wii and change the game titles to the released Mario games. Neither game will be a system seller as the people that would buy the systems for such games already have it.

Edit: Dammit. I wasn't reading well and someone else already made the comment.

XRider3223d ago

How does Pachter even have a job with 90% of his predictions being wrong while so many more qualified Americans are out of work?

Lightsaber3223d ago (Edited 3223d ago )

Anyone that thinks Halo isnt a system seller is an idiotic or just a ps3 fanboy to butt hurt to admitted the truth. Oh and "everyone that wants to play halo already has a 360" BS well that the same BS that all the fanboy said when Halo 3 came out. They were wrong then and they are wrong now.

I'm betting the Reach will set all kinds of new records in sales just like Halo 3 did. We still got 6 monts to go till its release and the hype for the game is already starting to build. NoOne does hype better then Bungie and MS either.

I hope they bring back MD Halo Fuel

Rainstorm813223d ago

"Oh and "everyone that wants to play halo already has a 360" BS well that the same BS that all the fanboy said when Halo 3 came out."

How can that be true when Halo 3 was the first Halo on 360?

There is some logic to this as multiple mario and halo games have already released can they still move as many consoles?

Of course they will putt up number but the number of new adopters is questionable, especially when mario wont even release in the holiday season.

3223d ago
palaeomerus3223d ago

Pacter is not bashing Halo or Super Mario Galaxy 2. He's saying that we are now quite late into the console generation life cycle and that at this point games are no longer capable of being system sellers because no one wanting a specific game franchise has held off buying a system this long. Pachter says that the only major system sellers from here on out will be price drops and "product refresh efforts"(new colors, slim-versions, and rarely...inexpensive major add ons appealing to a new audience).

Lightsaber3222d ago

Raiinstorm81 if you ask why they said it well fanboy are idiots and say stupid stuff al the time. However I believe the logic they use to say Halo 3 wouldnt never sell any systems that everyone that had gotten a 360 got it to play halo so they already owned a 360. So that halo 3 wouldnt sell any system and no one would ever buy a 360 again. We all know how that turned out.

Yes there is some logic to it. However Halo wars was rts hardly the type of game to sell systems and most Halo fans had no interest in rts. Halo ODST started out as an expansion and wasnt given the Halo Hype. Halo Reach is the 1st real halo games since Halo 3. Its the 1st Halo game to have true "next gen" graphics Its also the last Halo game the bungie will be doing. When Halo 3 came out the 360 was 399 now its 199 with a rumor price drop with the slim coming out. If MS spends as much money promoting reach as they did Halo 3 then this game is goin to be huge

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showtimefolks3224d ago

will halo reach sell 10 million?

i doubt it 5 plus million for sure

halo 3 did 10 million the other 2 halo games did not even come close sold very nice but i think most people think halo reach will move systems i doubt that everyone who wanted to play halo got xbox360 at halo3 launch

that's just my opinion

marioa galaxy i never thought was a system seller but will sell but will it sell as much as the 2d marioa that just came out i doubt it

Gradient3224d ago (Edited 3224d ago )

Edit: I just understood your post. Anyways, let me break it break it down for those who believe the next Halo will be a system seller:

People who wanted to play Halo bought a console to play Halo when Halo 3 came out.

People who wanted to play Halo bought a console to play Halo when Halo Wars came out.

People who wanted to play Halo bought a console to play Halo when Halo ODST came out.

Do you now understand why the next Halo game is not a system seller?

Dance3224d ago (Edited 3224d ago )

ODST is only out a few months and the game has almost topped 5 million ww

Cueil3223d ago

there are Halo 2 players still playing on the original Xbox who have just gotten beta invites to Reach and will no longer be able to play Halo 2 (for now don't doubt a remake). Reach is different enough that it's garnered interest outside of the Halo fandom... while I agree that it wont be a big system seller it'll shift and extra 20-50k units easy. Bungie is known for doing their MP right

Gradient3224d ago

Halo fans already bought an Xbox for their Halo fix, and Mario fans the same.

showtimefolks3224d ago (Edited 3224d ago )

and what edit oh ok you got what i was saying lol

Shendow3224d ago

Halo has done good at being a system seller for the 360 and so has Mario, its like FF is to the PS3 in Japan or MGS is.

GOW3 was a another good reason to get a PS3, so I don't see how someone can think Halo and Mario aren't going to be system sellers, even if Halo 3 ODST wasn't living up to Halo, it wasn't bad and Microsoft is the one to blame.

Their the ones that are milking the heck out of it, an Bungie seems to be putting alot more work into Halo Reach then they did with ODST. Heck Halo Reach is the main reason I want to get a 360 again.

sashimi3223d ago (Edited 3223d ago )

The difference there is FF13 was the first one this gen and so is God of War 3 therefore they are indeed system sellers while there have been many mario/halo games out already this gen.People who want to play Mario/Halo games would've gotten a Wii/360 during the previous releases.

Shendow3223d ago

But one problem, more an more people are selling their 360's to get a PS3 and some selling their Wii's, I have already seen the most 360 games I have ever seen in one box (About 30 games and all of the Halo games) and with that said.

It won't be a shock to see people rebuying them to play it, it is the only reason why I would want to buy a 360 (Even after going threw 4 of them) and don't forget people that have the 360's ban or die on them, just go out an buy a new one.

palaeomerus3223d ago

Lol @ Shendow. Great story bro!

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