Doom II Xbox LIVE Arcade 'still in the cards'

Destructoid writes:

"Reader Jim L. writes:

Know what happened to the game Doom II that was supposed to come out on Xbox LIVE Arcade late last year? Is it still coming to Xbox LIVE? Any new info on a release date perhaps?

We don't always have the answers, but we reached out to Bethesda -- who we correctly assumed would be publishing the port of id Software's classic first-person shooter -- to find out."

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IaMs123133d ago

Good to hear! I like Doom 2 so much better then Doom 1 but they are both great games. Sweet cannot wait.

I Call 9MM3133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

Ahh Doom II, such a great game. Would be great to play it again....

However, I hope that they do a better job of porting the game over then the last version, it was horrendous. Looked like an emulated game instead of a modern source port of the original. No widescreen support, no 3D acceleration, no higher resolution textures, nothing, other than splitscreen co-op. Not even a higher resolution (looked like the game was still rendering at around 320x240 to 640x480, bleh).

After playing through Perfect Dark XBLA, I believe that the bare minimum now should be a proper HD port like was done with Perfect Dark. They didn't go all out and make it super normal mapped, per pixel lighting monstrousity, but they added modern refinements and polished it up very nicely. Newer, higher resolution textures and higher polygon models, as well as speed refinements, made for a truly beautiful take on a classic title. And 1080p rendering with 60fps. Leaderboards and awards as well.

Doom II deserves this kind of treatment as well. Actually, most of that stuff is free online anyway, like with the Doomsday engine... hmmm....