GameZone: Megaman 10 Review

GameZone's Steven Hopper goes retro with his review for Megaman 10. "While the jump from the new Easy mode to the standard Normal difficulty is a bit too sharp, the game still does a fantastic job of capitalizing on the series' best elements. If you enjoyed the franchise's old-school reboot last year, then you owe it to yourself to pick this one up as well."

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Caspel3132d ago

With Mega Man going retro and Sonic on his way, it's only time before others start attempting the same.

athmaus3132d ago

i agree...i wonder waht is next? We did have another and old school Zelda game lol

AlexC3132d ago

3D Dot Game Heroes is essentially a Zelda remake :P

Blaze9293132d ago

nice might have to buy this

athmaus3132d ago

thx for the review...i like that it went back to the old school look and feel :)

Aalandjana3132d ago

I don't get why would you want a retro look - why pay out for the latest gadgets then, just keep your old stuff from the 80s. I want the graphics on a game look as best they can.

briandav3132d ago

megaman and sonic pwn mario anyday

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The story is too old to be commented.