God of War 'pinched Prince Of Persia players'- Ubisoft

Ubisoft animation director Jan-Erik Sjovall has told CVG that the publisher has "lost so many Prince of Persia players to God of War" - but is hopeful it can get them back with new release The Forgotten Sands.

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happy_gilmore3130d ago

come on, 9.5 for a 4 hour easy game is not worth my money.

xTrueLegendx3130d ago

^^^yeah I have to agree I think that prince of persia needs to take it back to how they did it before and I personally would like to see them go in an uncharted/assassin's creed 2 direction rather than what they did with this last game.

ian723130d ago

I think Ubisoft did a poor job with the last POP, wasn't to my liking at all. Loved Sands of time and Warrior within, they were loads better IMO.
If the new game goes back to the old style of POP,(which I think most people want) then I would consider buying it.
Don't think GOW pinched anyone from POP.

SlaughterMeister3130d ago

PoP SUCKS NOW! The Sands of Time was amazing, I love that game. Warrior Within was good too, but it was too combat heavy compared to platforming. The third in that series blew, though. It had nothing more to offer, and the story was incredibly weak.

I haven't even bothered with the reboot, it looks like crap.

Ares84PS33130d ago

You should give it a's pretty cheap now or just rent it.

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The story is too old to be commented.