Top 5 Most Atmospheric First Person Games "The first person genre is obviously better equipped to immerse players in an environment than any other, and the past few years have seen new benchmarks set in that playing field on a regular basis. Here are's top five most atmospheric first person videogames…"

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JohnnyHalo3183d ago

1.)Halo 1
2.)Halo 2
3.)Halo 3
4.)Gears of War 1
5.)Gears of War 2

of course thats only my opinion.

cry from the sky3183d ago

halo is crap in my opinion, way overrated, im looking for metroid, and killzone 3.

Blaze9293183d ago (Edited 3183d ago )

Surprised ODST didn't make the list. Atmosphere as the rookie was just unbelievable wandering the city.

Oh...and @JohnnyHalo Gears of War isn't a first-person game. It's third. Let's not have to go back to school now....or maybe go to it in the first place in your case.

Therealspy17763183d ago

take out metro and metroid and add in fallout 3 and deus ex

HolyOrangeCows3182d ago

If you seriously think any of the Halo games deserve a spot, you must have started gaming this generation.

(Not directed at post 1, an obvious troll)

kaveti66163182d ago

Dead Space, a third person game, has the most suffocating atmosphere in recent memory.

Of course, this is just my opinion.

Darkstorn3182d ago

No Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth? That game was even more atmospheric than Bioshock...

They should put Penumbra on that list as well.

badz1493182d ago

and yet no mention of KZ2 and Dead Space? come on...

I even wanna put GoW3 up there! the 1st level is as EPIC as it can gets! Titans all over the place!

Therealspy17763182d ago

Guess you haven't quite grasped the concept of "FPS"

BannedForNineYears3182d ago

What's with people calling Gow a FPS? There was an article today that called it an FPS -_-.
Anyway, I would definitely put Killzone 2 on the list somewhere.

BattleAxe3182d ago

Half Life 2 felt really dry to me, not sure why PC gamers go gaga over this game.

Cheeseknight283182d ago

"take out metro and metroid and add in fallout 3 and deus ex "

Take out Metroid? Are you high? Or have you just never played Metroid Prime?

Therealspy17763182d ago

definitely high, but that has nothing to do with it. the title is most atmospheric, not best game. i'm not denying the quality of prime, just it's ability to draw you in based on environment and ambiance alone.

and i'm guessing i got so many disagrees for my comment cuz 99% of you never played the original Deus Ex

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Al803183d ago

Not a bad list, but Gears 1 & 2 aren't in the first person ;)

meetajhu3182d ago

The article fails badly when there is no Killzone 2

bats2213183d ago

LOL wut? Metro 2033 but not Fallout?

XxRoosterxX3182d ago

Fallout is an RPG. Always has been.

In fact, Fallout 3 is the only that even has a First Person camera. Even then, it barely passes as a "shooter".

RedPawn3183d ago (Edited 3183d ago )

I think the only flow w/the Prime series was in Echoes the stupid backtracking at the end. In Corruption the last boss fight was really weak.

I really like Perfect Dark 64's world.

Good to see Bungie force open the story in Halo ODST, and change up some of the mechanics. The new gameplay options are a nice edition to the series, especially for balance.

Killzone 2 was cool, hated the first one, probably due to the PS2 not really protraying the game how it came out like in 2. I just wish it was 2 players, here's hoping for it in KZ3.

Never played Half Life, might do it some day.

DigitalHorror813179d ago

I've never played Half-Life either, but DID play the sequel on Orange Box. It's nothing short of amazing, seriously. I bought it for 17.99 used and it's actually out of print if I'm not mistaken. Grab it up, it's fun as hell. And for those who like to cheat, you can max out weaponry and it's a blast tossing infinite grenades at the waiting morons in the next room. :o)

subzero-083183d ago

Metroid Prime series was great. But I agree with the above criticisms over Echoes, which was the weakest in the trilogy, in my opinion.

Darkfocus3182d ago

I'd say 3 was the weakest just because it was so linear compared to the others. I actually enjoyed 2 a lot. I loved the ramped up difficulty even if I disliked the fact that the dark world was essentially the same map with minor changes other than aethstetic's. Prime one was defiantly the best in the prime series though.

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