Sega Nerds - Alpha Protocol impressions: Plot depth beyond good and evil

Obsidian Entertainment's upcoming espionage title refines the recent trend of dynamic gameplay and storytelling found in many action-RPGs today. After a closed doors session with the latest build of Alpha Protocol, it seems that there will be more branched plot scenarios than originally thought.

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ian723130d ago

Like the ideas in this game and hope it turns out well. If it does turn out good then I will definately buy it.

john master lee3130d ago

I'm curious to see how all the various decision making impacts the final outcome of the game. Heavy Rain, as an example, had lots of branching paths you can walk down, but ultimately the story still unfolded in a rather linear fashion.

darklordzor3130d ago

To be honest, I'm finding it hard to care about this game anymore. Seems to be a trend with me. I get all hyped for a game but if it gets pushed back often, I just lose interest. Their system sounds interesting, but again I'm struggling to get excited about it.