Need for Speed Most Wanted: One of the Best Racers

Racing games on the consoles generally don't get much attention, unless the game happens to be Forza Motorsport or Gran Turismo. That's kinda too bad, because there are some truly great racers out there that deserve to be played. While Forza is a great simulator, and the latest iteration drastically increased playability--especially with a steering wheel--it is still a straight-forward racing game. Sometimes though--when you're feeling dangerous--you want to take to the streets, peel some rubber, and engage in high-speed street racing; and at the end of the day, if you drop a giant donut on top of a police car, then all the better.

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alphakennybody3133d ago

nfs most wanted was the peak of the nfs series then it went downhill after.

Shadow Flare3133d ago

Totally agree. I liked the underground series but most wanted was the pinacle. The police chases were awesome. They really need to bring that style of need for speed back. This generations NFS's are garbage. Its like they've gone backwards. They need to make NFS open world again. Its so much better open world. I think midnight club los angeles did a great job of that and has taken NFS's crown honestly. Hopefully criterion's new need for speed will be brilliant and open world. I have faith in criterion

FishCake9T43133d ago

My favorite NFS game was Underground 2 which capitalized on the whole Fast and Furious film and Pimp My Ride (RIP).

kube003133d ago

What about Need for Speed II?