Sony Europe Halted A Playstation Move Action Game?

Siliconera writes: About two months ago, we reported that Shuhei Yoshida, president of Sony Worldwide Studios, was spearheading a company-wide restructuring and project prioritization at Sony Computer Entertainment Europe.

The project prioritization effort involved the cancellation of several games that were in development at SCEE. A LinkedIn resumé belonging to Martin Linklater, former Technical Director at SCEE, leads us to believe one of these may have been an unannounced action game that was being developed for the PlayStation Move.

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JohnnyHalo3129d ago

Seeing as sony is heading towards the media friendly direction. With them adopting the Wii controllers the "Move" would not suit family gamers well if it had any kind of action/violent games on it. IMHO i think sony is going to either drop off their hardcoreness before 2011 or for their next console.

frogdefdaa3129d ago

actually I don't think there will be "next console" shortly, not in the coming 3 years.. how Sony will jump to a new console why they are still making losses on the previous one?

I believe that announcing move -motion control at that time- changed a lot of plans, drop some and create others.

zootang3129d ago

"drop off their hardcoreness" lol!

ZombieAutopsy3129d ago

Sony owns so many "hardcore" IP's that tend to sell pretty decent so i doubt they would stop doing that....but i know you're just a troll trying to stir sh1t up.

TOO PAWNED3128d ago (Edited 3128d ago )

Game probably sucked, games get canceled for a reason. Just because some game looks "cool" in a vid, doesn't meen it is great 10 hour experience. I trust in Sony, they most likely made right decision. Someone is now about to write but but 8 Days, like i said above, no one knows other then Sony where that project was going and how good/Bad it was.

sikbeta3128d ago


I hope you enjoy the x360 Dodge-ball game pal...

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Cajun Chicken3128d ago

Boooo...abusing innovation, again. Everyone does it, great concept, dumb it down to the lowest denominator.

Meryl3128d ago (Edited 3128d ago )

haha bots it was an unannounced game therefore we still have the following games for ps move socom 4, motion fighters, and ape escape, re5:gold edition.
Just remind me does the RE5 gold edition have motion control support in it lool?? MS Natal only has one game - ricochet lol. Now tell me which one is more casual....

frogdefdaa3128d ago

i dont see any competition between Natal and PS3 move.. not in the concept... at least Natal is not a "wii like" stick.