Review: Max and the Magic Marker (The Wiire)

Max and the Magic Marker was developed by Press Play, an independent developer who credits the likes of 2D Boy (World of Goo) for the inspiration to remain independent and distribute their games online. Max and the Magic Marker employs a vibrant, hand-drawn visual style, as the game takes place inside Max's imagination.

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aepex3224d ago

Reminds me of Scribblenauts... I may have to check this out.

IanCube3224d ago

I was thinking the same thing, and as a fan of Scribblenauts (who wasn't?) I might have to pick this up.

IanCube3224d ago

This just goes to show you yet again how well an indie developer can produce when they work hard and have inspiration. Now I just hope folks go out and support them by buying the game.