Top Ten Greatest Music Tracks on PSone

If there's one aspect that sparks both intrigue and obsession among players in videogames, it has to be the soundtrack. Whether it's the evocative majesty of a sweeping orchestral movement, the blistering shreds of a frantic guitar solo, or the thunderous beat of a set of drums, music plays a vital component in our overall enjoyment of games. After all, could you imagine traversing the fog bound streets of Silent Hill or pummeling an opponent in to the dirt during a bout of Tekken without its accompanying score? We don't know about you, but for the folks at PSU Towers, it just wouldn't feel the same.

As such, we've decided to tip our hats to some of the most memorable music tracks to grace Sony's home consoles, starting with everyone's favorite grey box of tricks, the PSone. Being the helpful chaps we are, we've also embedded YouTube versions of each track below so you can enjoy each tune to your heart's content. Join us now as we count down our Top Ten Music Tracks on PSone...

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