Big PSP surprises coming this year - Sony

CVG: Marketing man John Koller teases big announcements for games out before Christmas.

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D4RkNIKON3157d ago

I really really hope it is a new PSP. I have been dying for a second analog stick and I just got rid of my PSP because I didn't see myself needing it. I decided to ditch it and wait for PSP2.

Close_Second3157d ago (Edited 3157d ago )

...why does it need a second analog stick so much? I love my PSP and don't find I need a second analog at all. What it does need is more games that exploit the controls it does have.

I didn't buy my PSP for FPS/TPS games.

@AngryFork. That it exactly. Developers need to exploit what controls the PSP does have, e.g. LBP, GT:Mobile, PixelJunk Monsters. Its developers and not the PSP.

AngryFork3157d ago

@ close_second, the reason is because developers keep acting like the PSP is for console ports, and they treat it as so. I love Kojima but instead of making a fixed-camera MGS for PSP (like he should) he keeps trying to make MGS4 on the PSP, and without a 2nd analog stick that's just not going to happen or feel right.

All developers keep doing this, the games need to have fixed-camera or they're going to have awkward controls if you have a 360 degree camera. Me personally I WANT a PSP to basically be a console on the go, i DO want a game like MGS4 on PSP, and in order for that to happen you need another analog stick.

RealityCheck3157d ago

I agree with 1 and 1.2, a second thumbstick would open up all 3D games to have better controls and better controls means more fun. A lot of PSP games got rated poorly not because of the graphics or the game itself but because of the controls. Then after not being able to make the games they wanted, many developers just walked away.

If Sony wants to make a handheld for the core gamers' market, they will add a second thumbstick. If they choose instead to go touchscreen\tilt sensor toward the DS and iPhone demographic, they'll loose for sure. The DS and any future iteration has the kids demographic on lockdown with Mario and Pokemon, while the iPhone has the casual on-the-go adult market.

Ju3157d ago

The MGS Peacewalker demo plays actually very well with just one stick. Same for Logan's Shadow. I wasn't too happy with Resistance Retribution (even though that was supposed an evolution from Syphon Filter).

But if done right, the second stick can map well to the pad buttons.

I sure would like a touch. And app support, in addition to just games (like a PSP App store). That and a SIM slot for a 3G data plan (but leave skype on). Bit more performance would be nice as well, but more so, no compromise in battery duration (more important! That iphone is a joke!)

Kratos Spartan3157d ago

and go ahead and throw the Cell up in there while your at it

Arnon3157d ago

Instead of a better processor, why not get a better video card? >_>

rockleex3157d ago

Didn't require two analog sticks.

In fact, many of them don't even require ANY analog sticks.

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va_bank3157d ago

The only game I'm looking forward to this year is MGS - just don't see anything else that even sounds good.

AngryFork3157d ago

PSP2 with a 2nd analog stick and the power to play PS2 games plox.

Anything else and i'll be disappointed.

Close_Second3157d ago not much of a wish list. Keep in mind that when the PSP came out Sony didn't have Apple to contend with. If Sony wants to stay in the handheld business it needs to do more than just up the graphics capabilities.

I for one want better media support, such as Divx/Avi. Better audio playback, internal storage options (not just 16GB), touch screen along with the tactile controls, etc. The PSP is aimed at the more mature audience but unfortunately after so many disappointing years for PSP games many have moved onto the ITouch or IPhone.

AngryFork3157d ago

No serious gamer prefers itouch/phone for games over the PSP, that's just ridiculous. PSP doesn't have THAT many great games but the games it does have are WAY better than those cheap 5$ shovelware toys on iphone.

PSP should stay as a gaming device, Sony is not going to trump ipod/phone thing, they're a part of popular culture, Sony should stay part of their own culture as well and focus on the gaming aspect only. If they try to add too much stuff it's going to be like 10 mediocre features combined instead of 2-3 amazing polished ones.

silvacrest3157d ago

didn't a sony ericcson exec say not long ago that their devision and the psp would be working closer then ever before?

sounds like a psphone to me

Close_Second3157d ago

you're dead right, the serious portable gamer prefers the PSP.

I'll remember that when the next gen ITouch/IPhone is released that actually caters for serious gamers. You know it will, its only a matter of time and once it does, where will that leave a platform that only caters for hardcore gamers?

In a marketplace where Apple was not competing I'd agree with you. But this is 2010 and I dare say Apple is not sitting there saying we dont need to cater to serious gamers.

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red2tango3157d ago

Another Killzone PSP title :)

BlackIceJoe3157d ago

I hope it is not an announcement of the PSP2. The PSP still has life in it. Maybe a PSP 4000 would be cool though. I would love to see an Uncharted game. A Sly Cooper version for the PSP and Killzone: Liberation 2. Plus with all the PSP games that have not come out of Japan yet and the ones that still need to come out over there. I say the PSP2 is not needed yet

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