Top 5 Reasons Console MMOs Will Always Fail

From the feature editorial:

"These days there aren't many game experiences that you can't get on either a console or a PC. The only thing that hasn't managed to cross system lines up until now is the MMO genre. It's been attempted once or twice, most notably with Final Fantasy 11, but it has never caught-fire and become hugely successful – as it is on the PC side of things. There is millions of dollars in the MMO genre and developers everywhere are scrambling to figure out a way to create the first big-time MMO for the Xbox 360 or Playstation 3. To be honest, I can't see it ever working in the console space as things stand now, and here are the top 5 reasons why."

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UltimaEnder3621d ago

Good article, it also happens to be true, MMOs will never be successful on a console (thus Marvel was cancelled) - plus the reasons in this list are right-on....

Chris3993621d ago (Edited 3621d ago )

Control Schemes: I don't know about the author of this article, but I picked up a wireless mini-usb Logitech keyboard at Tiger Direct for like $30. It works with either my PS3 or 360. And regarding the PS3, specifically, it has mouse support (MS could implement this with a patch as well). So the control schemes are basically identical.

Cultural Appeal: I'd argue this. People who religiously play COD or Halo don't exhibit social gaming behavior? What exactly separates these people from someone who logs on a couple of hours each day? No one is pretending to be anything. It's an avatar based system and almost entirely free of any role-playing elements. You'd be very hard pressed to find a thriving RPG community within an MMO. Very. The author also seems to be forgetting that a majority of a successful MMOs fanbase comes from CASUAL, not CORE players. Look at WOW if you need evidence of this. 90% of their demographic is casual.

Other Console Gamers: Again, debatable. The target market for MMOs is broad; and as referenced from Nielson, these gamers can vary in age, income and the amount of time dedicated to gaming each day.

Cost: This I can concede with somewhat. Though I would say that this generation has acclimatized the consumer with the idea of micro-transactions and added fees with consoles (from peripherals to DLC to memberships). I don't see this being as big of an issue as it was years ago.

Commitment: Again, depends on the individual. And people shopping for an MMO generally know what they're getting into.

There's no reason why MMOs on consoles shouldn't work, except for the as of yet successful implementation of one other than FF XI. Personally, I LOVE the idea of sitting on my couch and playing an online RPG on my 50". I've had a taste of this with a couple of multi-player RPGs over Live and more recently with WKC's Georama. It's far more enjoyable experience than hunched in a computer chair for hours on end.

t8503621d ago

microsoft or sony would not like a mmo like WOW coming to their platform.

mmos are a time sink anyone who plays them doesnt buy anything else also its the cheapest form of entertainment you can get.

typically console companies like the fans to run out buy the next game asap and if the user base got hooked on a game like wow that would be a terrible proposition for sony or micro. imagine 10million xbox users just playing wow, getting nothing else. that would be screwed up for any of these console manufacturers only the PC has the user base for this to happen.

Tony P3621d ago

Control is definitely an issue. Console gamers generally disdain keyboard and mouse. Jamming a bunch of functionality into a controller is not ideal. There's no great alternative to k/m.

Cost. Yeah that's a big one. The majority of console gamers definitely aren't used to subscription games.

Commitment. Another good one. Although I wouldn't say specifically it's a reason MMOs won't work on consoles. Console gaming thrives on the "new thing". It might be a challenge to convince users to stick around for the requisite dailies instead of moving on to an entirely new game.

Imo MMOs have to change in their base complexity. They have to "streamline" themselves like practically every genre that's gone from PC to consoles in order to have a shot.

Motion3621d ago

I don't see the control being too much of an issue, as MMORPG's are being developed that work more on hit detection rather than locking on. As far as combat, you don't have to have skills bound through 1-9 on a keyboard, but could use combos similar to any existing action/fighting game.

Cost isn't that big a deal, there are some MMO's without subs (guild wars), and a lot of console owners are used to paying subscription fees (LIVE).

Commitment really has nothing to do with being on a console or a PC, its whether or not the game can hold an audience.

I do agree with MMOs having to streamline themselves for consoles, if only for the fact that they need to be designed to work with a gamepad.

Darkfiber3621d ago

Yeah the control scheme argument doesn't count. The fact that every MMO uses the 1-9 skill scheme isn't necessarily a good thing. Who says every MMO has to control like that? Developers are just too lazy or scared to try something new.

Still, communication will never be as good.