UFC Undisputed 2010 Fact Sheet & PlayStation 3 Exclusive Content Details

Also of note is the details of THQ's announcement that the PlayStation 3 version will include five exclusive Ultimate Fights, Ultimate Fights Mode is the evolution of UFC 2009 Undisputed's Classic Fights Mode and allows players to relive some of the more memorable fights in UFC history, the Sony-exclusive Ultimate Fights list is included below.

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ubiquitious3617d ago

I wonder how much $$$ SONY forked over to get this.

Buying exclusive content is bad for the gaming industry. Stop this, SONY.

3617d ago
mjolliffe3616d ago

It's Microsoft as well remember :)

But yeah, it needs to stop eventually from both sides. I want to experience a game on the console of my choice XD

XabiTheHumble3615d ago

You idiot. Why would Sony pay for something so minuscule?

lh_swe3615d ago

To 1 up MS in this proverbial pissing contest and to in turn make the PS3 the choosen console for any multi console owners which in turn should sell consoles I think they are hoping.

I would have spent that money on a PSN game if I were Sony but then again I am just a consumer.

bjornbear3615d ago

is due to the bigger storage just like Just Cause 2 AND FFXIII

we'll start seeing more of this over time as devs realize they have more to work with

it isn't about $$$ ubi, its about having more advanced technology to work with

however I agree, paying $$ is pathetic, just look at MS with MW2 and GTAIV, pathetic i know =(

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Dellis3617d ago (Edited 3617d ago )

Did you read?, its just VIDEOs of fights and 4 fighters

that sounds like THQ telling MS "hey get a bigger format and we

could put this on the disc for free"


Ms and there DVD crap cant even fit 5 extra fighters on a disk . What did i tell you bots .

lh_swe3615d ago

If you weren't so blind you'd see that.

3615d ago
kevco333615d ago

UFC has a huge pull on a younger audience, much like WWE. Just a single additional character would make one version stand out, and if a young gamer has both systems may well go for the one with the extra fighter. This isn't a case og Blu-ray Vs DVD or system selling, but it is a case of remonitising your game as much as possible.

May not have been a big spend, but I reckon Sony did hand-out a few fivers for this...

Spiderman3615d ago

Your comparing the UFC audience with that of a WWE audience ??

Have you ever watched a ufc event ? Everyone in the audience is adults, whereas everyone in the WWE audience are mainly kids with their parents.

They are not the same.

unworthyBOZO3615d ago

Yup UFC mainly appeals to the adults,while WWE is for kids.

Hands Up For Games3615d ago

Considering the UFC has major appeal in America I find it strange that Sony have managed to secure this exclusive content, money must have been involved. I bought the previous Game on 360, looks like this time it will be PS3 instead.

On a side note, come on Dan 'The Outlaw' Hardy on Saturday!! He's going to need all the help he can get against GSP on Saturday night :).

Euthanasia783615d ago

Dan "the outlaw" Hardy is going to get crushed. I guarntee it, and don't call me a new MMA fan. I'm 32 years old. I've been a huge fan since Royce Gracie. I watch all the orginizations. I know who Fedor is, Who Aoki is, who Yamamato is. Outlaw cannot handle the athletism of GSP. Now, I think it's time for big ol' GSP to go up to 185 and fight Anderson Silva. Bj did it twice for GSP. Why can't GSP do the same? He can make 185. He's huge. He prob weighs 185 in the octogon during the fight. He's ducking the challenge.

Hands Up For Games3615d ago

I pretty much agree with you, thats why hes going to need all the help he can get!! And id love to see a Champ from the UK, even though the chances of it happening are slim to none.

I just hope its a good fight.

Also, I dont think we'll ever see GSP fight The Spider, just like we wont see The Spider v Machida. Unfortunatley :(.

Larry L3615d ago (Edited 3615d ago )

I disagree. I don't think Sony paid a single penny for this content. I think it's something THQ decided to do on their own for 2 reasons. 1. to push sales on that platform. 2009 probably sold less on PS3 and they want something to boost those sales a bit. Or it could be the opposite and it sold more on PS3 and they are giving the extra content for that reason. Either way, they have the extra disc space at their disposal, so why not take advantage of it. And that's the second reason. I'm sick and tired of companies not taking advantage of the PS3 hardware, and perhaps companies are sick of not taking advantage of it too just to make sure games are identical across both platforms. They didn't do that last gen, why do it this gen? Xbox games always had HUGE graphical superiority over PS2 games. M$ shouldn't be able to use their money to strongarm devs into NOT taking advantage of the PS3 in the same way, like I believe they have been doing all this gen.

You notice it's starting to be a trend with 3rd party devs taking advantage of PS3? EA has been doing it since Burnout Paradise, Epic did it with UT3 which came out WAY better on PS3 even with the 360 version having 6 months extra dev time. Batman, Ninja Gaiden 2 came out lightyears better on PS3 in every way. Graphically, content wise with the extra characters and modes, and even had online co-op. BioWare took advantage of all that extra disc space and packed it with the higher res textures of the PC version. And now FF13 obviously. And soon UFC. And this is how it should be imo. To hell with platform parity. Devs should take advantage of the more powerfull platform if they can.

I find it funny this article only names the Ultimate Fight events as PS3 exclusive, but just totally ignore the additional fighters that are also PS3 exclusive. Royce Gracie, Jens Pulver, and one other guy that's slipping my mind right now.

And as for Dan Hardy, I hope he gets absolutely destroyed. I can't stand the guy. I hate any fighter who stomps feet. It's so dirty and classless, and he does it in every fight. Any fighter who stomps feet doesn't have enough class to be champ. I really pray GSP absolutely destroys Hardy. I'm not even a GSP fan. I think he's best P4P, but I'm not a fan. But Hardy in no way deserves even a title shot, nevermind actually being champ.

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