Interview: Nexon's Dan Kim Says Free-To-Play Success Comes With Time

Daniel Kim is Nexon America's new CEO, who just started in LA last spring. Prior to that, he worked out of the Seoul headquarters, and before that, for IDEO design in Palo Alto. In his own words, "My background actually is in mechanical engineering and product design, specializing in user interface and user experience design."

Kim had always been passionate about games, since the Space Invader days, he says. Gamasutra had the chance to speak with Kim extensively about the current state of Nexon, from the unprecedented Chinese success of Dungeon Fighter Online (10 million CCUs!), to the company's cash card pull out from Target, to the length of time the company will keep a fledgling online title going before giving up.

Some of Nexon's biggest successes, including MapleStory, KartRider, and Dungeon Fighter Online originally launched to poor debuts, but as Kim says of the MMO industry in general, "you gotta keep trying."

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