Dealspwn: Just Cause 2 Review - A Rumble In The Jungle

Dealspwn's Matt Gardner writes: 'Just Cause was a game that steadfastly refused to take itself too seriously – a flawed but fun sandbox game that had some wonderfully ludicrous action tempered by a game world that seemed a little bit empty. Although you had a variety of bullet-spraying armaments at your disposal, the game pushed for more extravagant action, encouraging you to dodge, duck, dip, dive and…dodge with a number of gadgets like grappling hooks, parachutes and arachnid-esque agility.

The sequel is no different in terms of the action, in fact Avalanche have simply ramped the high-octane shenanigans even higher, resulting in a game where you can quite happily slingshot your way into the air by latching onto a moving car, paraglide over to an antagonistic helicopter, take command by throwing the pilot out and raze the gang hideout that sent the thing to the ground before bailing out at several hundred feet and gliding safely earthwards as you pepper any survivors with a cap or two, perhaps grappling your way onto the summit of a nearby mountain for a suitably epic victory pose. Imagine Rambo, Mad Max and xXx all mashed together and you'll start to get the idea.'

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