New VIRTUA FIGHTER 5 Screenshots

The PS3 exclusive Virtua Fighter 5 will deliver fast-paced, adrenaline-pumping action as players head into battle, taking on a host of popular characters. Players will not only achieve victory by defeating highly-skilled opponents, but will also compete for prizes and earn in-game money through the match to buy many items at an in-game shop. These items allow players to customize their ultimate warrior and become the top Virtua Fighter. In addition, the game will introduce "Offensive Move", a new maneuver that will allow players to easily approach opponents from the side, adding a more strategic element to the battle. Check out these latest screens.

Gamer136209d ago

Not a big fan of these type of fighting games, i rather -Mortal Combat-.

clayton6207d ago

Looks like dead or alive, been there done that on the 360.