Things Killzone 3 needs to succeed

PS University writes "Whether the third game is barely entering planning stages or development is well underway at Guerilla Games is anyone's guess. The leap in quality between the original game and KZ2 was staggering, not to mention that several great shooters have come out since to really raise the bar. Make no mistake -- Killzone 3 won't be able to coast on the success of its predecessor. Here are just a few features that could really take the franchise to the next level."

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Parapraxis3496d ago (Edited 3496d ago )

It only needs 1 thing to succeed in my books...a release date! =D

But yeah, split-screen would kick ass, and a co-op mode would be icing on the cake for sure.

Michael Myers3496d ago

the only thing i can think abut what it needs are vehicles, and cover systems while online, also perks! thats it. amazing game nonetheless.

DavePSU3496d ago


I completely forgot about the lack of cover online. I agree with you, I think that's definitely a necessity. Vehicles are a toss-up, but I'd love to see online cover (though it may make it boring since health regenerates like it does).

Gamerbee3496d ago

Although KZ2 is one of the best FPS out. They need to tighten the controls just a little. Then I'll be very very happy.

Oh & Ive played over 300hours of the game so I know what Im talking about.

Lifendz3496d ago

I platinumed the game btw so I don't want anyone saying only noobs complain about the controls. Anyone who beat that last level on Elite knows what I'm talking about.

But anyway, the controls should be more user friendly. I'm not saying I want the twitchiness of MOW2, but it shouldn't feel like my guy has 40 pound weights on his arms either.

Cover in online play is no big deal to me. I think they should look to incorporate a killstreak reward in some capacity. The Killstreak is perhaps the most rewarding thing about MOW2.

Online co-op would be awesome. Especially some sort of side campaign ala Resistance 2 where you play with 3 other guys.

Can't wait to see it. I know it's going to be amazing looking considering what the PS3 has churned out recently.

DavePSU3496d ago


The sluggishness of the character movement has nothing to do with the controls and everything to do with the physics of the game itself.

The controls themselves are fine, but obviously gameplay elements (like the sluggish moving) needs to be addressed.

andron3496d ago (Edited 3496d ago )

But I do doubt we'll see KZ3 this year. I think Resistance 3 will be released this year and it wouldn't be too smart to have too many exclusive FPS's coming out at the same time...

Fanb0y3496d ago

I've played a fair bit of Killzone 2 multiplayer, and I have to say:

The sluggish aiming is not 'realistic' in any way. If they're worried about the game turning too CODish if they make the controls more responsive, I believe simply making the battlegrounds larger would do. Bad Company 2 has the ideal shooter controls setup, and Killzone should follow what that game does well.

I enjoyed the game mode rotations. Kept the game feeling fresh all the time - but the grenade spamming hurt the game on smaller, indoor arenas.

PoSTedUP3496d ago

game was really good (not perfect) but simply amazing. they need a better marketing sheme plus a totally different commercial because the one they used was horrible and showed me nothing about the game play and how nice and fluient it is and was a waste of monet imo, they need an in game fps gameplay montage showing the graphics and amazing explostions etc. THAT is how you market on tv imo. it wasent the time on tv, it wasent the length, it wasent the ammount, IT was the commercial itself. it was like an uninformative commercial imo. looked cool though but that was about it, did very little damage. GOWIII and UC2 commercial was good ahowed gameplay etc. hopefully they know what to do know and take that route.

Venatus-Deus3496d ago (Edited 3496d ago )

The cover system was in the original KZ2 closed online BETA, however it was removed because user feedback suggested it didn’t work.

Very unlikely that you will see it in KZ3

Deuce Bigalow3496d ago

Good controls, unlike the first 2.

JsonHenry3496d ago

I hope they can add more dynamic lighting effects instead of textures with painted on shadows now that they have had time to tweak the engine further.

Biggest3496d ago

I hope the controls are the one thing they don't change. People that want arcade shooters can go with what they know. I would love to see more weapon types for the extra classes. Having the basic troop as the only one able to choose extra weapons was lame. I'm not saying everyone should be able to use everything. But having more weapons specific to each class would be welcome. And how about some realism on the sniper rifle? I enjoy sniping in video games, but I don't like the point and shoot aspect of it. Snipers can change the match at a moments notice in most games without trying. If they would add distance, windage, and weather conditions to the sniping. . . Gotdamned beautiful.

The Killer3496d ago

more green and nature atmosphere

sonarus3496d ago

Forget about split screen. Just bring on coop

himdeel3496d ago (Edited 3496d ago )

...since Helghan supposedly have higher gravity than on earth. That being said the weight of the movement is what I like the most. It gives the game a more realistic feel for me.

Also the reason why it takes so many bullets to put them down they are genetically tougher and stronger due to the generations of Helghan born on the planet. Sorry for the EDIT but I find the history of Killzone fascinating like a sci-fi soap opera.

This is fact from Killzone history:

"Disturbing medical problems are found to be common throughout the colony – high gravity, exotic radiation and storms have serious effects on the longevity of the human being. Medical support from the ISA is non-existent, and indigenous facilities are too primitive. The wearing of masks for those who work in the outdoors becomes mandatory. Mask wearing becomes the sign of having a working class profession. Even with masks, 'lung burn' (as the settlers call it) becomes the primary cause of death in Helghan over the age of thirty."

"The third generation of indigenous Helghan are beginning to be born. Helped along by basic genetic conditioning and the harsh environment, they are more suited to the heavy gravity. They also feature lungs that are more efficient against the pollutants on Helghan, and cells that are more resistant to the high radiation levels."

Raf1k13496d ago

I see nothing wrong with the controls TBH. To me it's part of what makes K2 stand out from the crowd.

himdeel3496d ago (Edited 3496d ago )'s the dumbest thing ever. If they added a bunch of environments that aren't in the context of any of the rest of the game these same people would complain that the environments make no sense. They'd then say they added a snow level just to have snow.

The ONLY way Killzone 3 could in context have varied environments is to take the fight away from Helghan. Likewise the only way to change to movement to the context of the game is to take the fight away from Helghan to Vetka where the gravity isn't as great.

Ravage273496d ago (Edited 3496d ago )

unless it is implemented intelligently to reward teamwork, it's a dumb concept that only serve to encourage camping and selfish plays.

The controls are fine and probably the last thing that needs fixing. Would love to see the introduction of vehicles and some environmental damage. Co-op is an obvious addition, not so sure about split screen though

Blaster_Master3496d ago

Killzone+MAG type of shooting and online mechanics + battlefield destruction+ Uncharted 2 graphics+ warhawks and mech suits from Killzone 2= win

hazardman3496d ago

I love Killzone2, but it's not for everyone. I've let some of my friends play it and they all felt like throwing up..I told them they had to get use to the movement on screen..If they can make the movement of your character more fluid and add some variety of enemies and weapons that would be awesome, but if not whatever still a great game!!

arakouftaian3496d ago

Cover system was never part of Killzone 2 close Beta
I was in it and the only cover systhem that the multiplayer
have is when you are using a turrent gun and that's part
of the retail game, Cover system is not part f the multiplayer
because developers said that it will slow down the game and make
those who use Cover system a easy target.

Wich I think is pure b/s. I Think cover system will
fit in the multplayer but I guess Killzone 2 is just fine
with nocover system in it.

Killzone is a great game and I will enjoy Killzne 3 and the others
a lot

catguykyou3496d ago (Edited 3496d ago )

Does anyone else think it's funny that someone else thinks the movement of a player controlled character (not in a vehicle or rag-doll death) is directly related to the physics engine?

ThanatosDMC3496d ago (Edited 3496d ago )

I'd settle for KZ2 graphics but make it 256 online play.

MAG + KZ2 = KZ3

I'll even take.

MAG + Resistance 2 = Resistance 3

I can dream...

kneon3496d ago

No killstreaks please! That's one of main problems with COD.

KZ2 already has a fair amount of destructability and some more would be good but not at the level of BF:BC2 where everything seems to be made of styrofoam :)

Co-op and split screen are really the only things I want.

sikbeta3496d ago

+Better Dialogues

PaLaK-3496d ago

I'd love powering through the game in co-op on elite with a buddy xD! but why mention the AI? correct me if im wrong but imo KZ2 had some of the best AI I have seen in shooters i.e. when there's a group, they rush you but when 1 higs left he just camps and waits for you.. if kz2 ai is bad then what's the ai of the COD series?

Lifendz3496d ago

I think you're pointing to the semantics of my point rather than my point itself. Gameplay or character movement, whatever you want to call it, the movement of the reticule should be a bit more fluid.

And I can see the opposing argument to killstreaks. I forgot about how people camp and play for nukes.

2Spock3496d ago

What the first one didn't have gameplay and story....

mal_tez923496d ago

The helghast are a really clever enemy, taking cover rushing when when appropriate.

I agree with all the other points, but what it needs most is more guns.

The gameplay mechanics should not be changed at all, the controls are perfect and the feel of the movement, aiming and shooting is the best feel I get from any FPS.

Arnon3496d ago

Basically what Sikbeta said.

-Better script
-Get rid of the weapons. All the different variants of weapons are usually the same weapon with a different skin and sight.

Immortal3213495d ago

more cinematic than the previous game and others.

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Hellsvacancy3496d ago (Edited 3496d ago )

I think we can all pretty much assume that there will b co-op for KillZone 3, they know every-1 (not so much me) wanted co-op in K2

Wot i wanna c in Killzone 3 is SNOW, dunno y, i just want sum snow levels, there was in the 1st game and that took place on earth (Vector) and judgin by the way K2 ended the Helghast army r goin in that direction so y not ay

Inside_out3496d ago

Simple really...Scrap the current cover system...Mirrors edge and now Brink are ushering in the future of FPS game play mechanics...Be there or be square...OR...adopt Medal of Honor cover system starting with European assault threw Airborne, similar to KZ only it actually works right...OR adopt Gears of War type system...

Create your own controller modeled after the best controller in gaming...Xbox 360 controller...

Better character animations ( look to Gears of War ) and variety of enemies...Gears has the BEST fluid and life like enemies this gen...The heavy and the little flying robot thingy doesn't cut it anymore...never did...

Weapons...Add chainsaw melee for close encounters...This requires updating existing A I...Also update graphics to render chopped up enemies in HD...Will also need to add blood...thick, gushy and fleshy bits that fly everywhere including the screen...Helmets that fall off are not next gen...never were...Add torque Bow weapon from Gears of war...Will require many calculations for proper physics of enemy head flying 50 ft in the air after wireless detonation...Add grenade throwing mechanic like Gears of War for precision targeting...

Melee...Add finishing kill combinations like ur face..of War...Meat shield is cool UNLESS it's you, like in Gears...Kicks ur ass...Of War...Make enemies heads turn into mushy, bits and pieces after sniper head shot...Will require substantial up grades for old game engine...consult Epic for Unreals superior technology...

Multiplayer...start with co-op...entire single player campaign...Look to Halo, MW2 and Gears...headstomp..of War...for inspiration...

FINALLY...DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES LOOK AT MGS, UC2 OR GOW3 for single player idea's...This will lead to uncontrollable cut scenes, RTE's and all round brain numbing game play idea's...NONE of those are in game, can be played with big toe on green triangle...LMFAO...LOL...ROTFL ...

Have all consoles...Play the games...know the truth....Cheers...

KiRBY30003496d ago

just wait for gears of wars 3 or get over the fact that you're the only one who wants all those things.

Ravage273496d ago

good attempt but you were trying too hard and the result didn't turn out to be as hilarious as it should be.

The 'consult Epic for Unreals superior technology...' is overkill.

arakouftaian3496d ago

If they add co-op plus a funy comertial from Kevin B.
Will make this game sale easy 3 mills.

But Killzone is not about big sales, is a hardcore
mature game that is going to sale for mature gamers
not just anyone.

RonRico3496d ago

more weapons. I enjoyed the weapons in KZ2 just fine, but by today's standards, it was a small number of guns for a shooter. Other than that co-op(you guys are right) and I think the controls could be better still.

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RadientFlux3496d ago

1. Better Storyline (more about the soldiers, less about their objectives)

2. Killing Rico within the first 30 seconds.

3. Moral Implications to your Actions (ie added innocents to the battlefield and giving the player the option to either go gun-crazy or be careful with their shots).

DavePSU3496d ago

I love the hate Rico receives. I almost feel bad for the guy, lol. Everyone wants him dead.

InspectorG3496d ago

Haha it is true he does get all the hate. although there were times i was wishing he would die as well as i played through, just because i found him really annoying...

more on topic, split screen would be great, cause i like having friends around to play. and make this the last main game, finish it with a bang

Fanb0y3496d ago

I'm sorry, the game's story was terrible - as opposed to the game's backstory. Similar to Halo, the story has quite some potential.

But what made it worse is the dialogue. They were so generic and over-used I found myself making a disgusted face whenever my teammates said anything.

DavePSU3496d ago

Fanboy, I have to agree with you about the dialogue entirely.

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Reneonardo3496d ago

For me it only needs 1 thing for success!
And that is 60FPS!!!

Thats the only reason i play MW2 instead of KZ2...

ironmonkey3496d ago

all i want is more precise movements and turning. other than that everything is perfect. if you dumb it down to much, mind as well call it halo

peeps3496d ago

it's not a twitch shooter so 60fps isn't really necissary. it would be nice but locked in at 30 is fine

Venatus-Deus3496d ago

MW2 is sub-HD and does not run at 60 fps.

DavePSU3496d ago

I think 60FPS should be the goal of any developer. If it's not attainable, at least guarantee 30FPS at a stable rate.

RagTagBnd4453496d ago

Anything beyond 30-40 fps looks smooth enough for me, never seen the difference between 40 and 60 fps. And if 60 fps is all you care for, then you have chosen the wrong platform.

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xbotpleasefixme3496d ago

it needs to not be on PS3rd... Who cares if it's good when only 20 servers are up and running and none of them are even in your area. It defeats the whole purpose

gtamike1233496d ago

I guess your mum didn't get you a PS3, don't cry Xbot.

redsquad3496d ago

Not on PS3? We want KZ3 to look BETTER than 2, not worse!
Besides, 360 owners don't want KILLZONE on their machine - They kept telling us that.

bats2213496d ago

There's still games running on Killzone 2....