5 Reasons Gaming Is Better On Console

MyGaming writes:

"I could've (should've, would've) titled this "5 Reasons Why I Prefer Gaming On Console", of course, but I just can't resist baiting that one guy into posting a furious "U DONT NO NOTHING MINGER PC RULZ" comment because he didn't even bother reading the first paragraph to its conclusion. I love that guy, because he vindicates all the otherwise somewhat controversial eugenics rhetoric I like to introduce at boring dinner parties."

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RadientFlux3500d ago

I only have 1 reason why I prefer gaming on consoles than PC. I work on a PC for 8 to 10 hours a day. The last thing I want to do is get home and touch a PC.

Geralt3500d ago

Instead you want to touch a watered down PC?

I really don't see your point. Just plug a gamepad into PC. ;)

t8503500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

Gaming on Consoles is restrictive and very costly compared to PC.

Sure i enjoy exclusives on the PS3, however for any other sort of gaming i am always back on the PC.

Lets not even talk about the 360 with its:

RROD issues
pay to go online
pay for every DLC free on PC
576P graphics lol hd.

ps3ftwin3500d ago

Dam that PC casing looks like a monster compared to the 360.

I like PC's versatality specially when playing games on steam, press shift + tab and i could be surfing the web typing this post and again back in the game.

Both forms of gaming have their place. For a gamer these days PC + PS3 is the best option.

nix3499d ago

i too hate switching on comp after i go home from work. but more than that, i prefer the fact that i can have one console that will last me more than 5 years. i don't need to upgrade every 3 months or every 1 or 2 years just to keep up with technology.

nothing beats sitting on a bean bag and playing games on your HDTV!

ChozenWoan3499d ago

and I still prefer to game on my console.

1. No need to upgrade hardware for 5-10 years
2. Exclusive games
3. No need to upgrade hardware for 5-10 years
4. Gamepad (I can only use a mouse so many hours a day... yea I know I can plug a gamepad into my comp, but it's not the same)
5. No need to upgrade hardware for 5-10 years

I will admit. If there is a PC game that I can't get on my PS3, and I really just gotta play it, then I'll game on my comp. I'm just trying not to spend more time playing games than developing them on my comp.

champ213499d ago (Edited 3499d ago )

here is a spec of a pc i made just when the ps3 released

2.4ghz dual core cpu
2gb of ram

it cost me 1000usd to build when the ps3 cost 600usd.

plays all games in 1080p asides crysis which isnt on consoles to begin with. plus any multiplat bought on this system is 10-15usd cheaper then console version. 20 games bought a year 3yrs already passed. thats a saving of atleast 600usd in game price purchases compared to buying on console in 3yrs time.

Game for game it beats the ps3 out till date. you can verifiy my claim with igns head to heads.

also you can use a DS3, xbox controller or mouse keyboard on it.

Idont think it will need any upgrades until the end of this gen to keep beating consoles in multiplats.

mikeslemonade3499d ago

There's no advantage to a PC:

Custimization? Why do we need more custimization with the amount games we have. I rather play a different game than the same one.

Graphics? There's only one game Crysis that looks the better than all console games but no other PC game not named Crysis comes close to PS3 exclusives like Killzone 2, God of War 3, Heavy Rain, and Gran Turismo 5.

Controls? I prefer gamepad that's what I grew up on.

NewZealander3499d ago

give me a console any day, i know i can put the game in and play, no hassle, no stupid installing just to find out it wont run, and im sorry but a console costs a fraction of the price i would need to pay for a decent pc.

nothing worse then going to a mates place and they are geeking out in the "computer room" playing on a pc, how antisocial, i love that i can play on my big HDTV, if i have mates over i can chuck em a control or better yet crank out the guitar hero or rockband and just play.

and before anyone says "hey i can play my pc on my tv"...whats the point, just get a console, thats what its made for.

champ213499d ago

rite RROD = no hassle.

kwicksandz3499d ago

The fail is epic in your post!

nix3499d ago

wow.. what's with the "disagrees'?

i also forgot to mention that i can play games (on PS3) with great graphics at fraction of a cost.

champ213499d ago (Edited 3499d ago )

Gaming on the PS3 at a fraction of a cost how?

PS3 costs 300usd

PC costs 600usd

thats not a fraction, later on with the PS3 you gotta pay more per game.

Also lets not forget most ppl already have a PC. Making it into a 1080p 60fps gaming enabled machine would cost 100-150usd, now thats cheaper then getting a PS3 and superior since PS3 cant runn ALL its games in 1080, about 25 of its 400 released titles run in 1080p many are even below the 720p hd standard.

sid4gamerfreak3499d ago (Edited 3499d ago )

Gaming is NOT better on a console. Come on, ppl, u console ppl are missing out on:

Cheaper games
High resolution gaming (best graphics, yes better than god of war 3)
Precise Controls
Backward Compatibility
Free online play (this is only for the 360 users, the ps3 users have free psn)
Whole genres- mmo, strategy
I know i'm missing out a few but there you go, resons why you should game on a pc.

But I do agree, consoles have the advantage of not havibng the consumer have any idea about its console parts and no installation.

In the end, PC + PS3 is the best combo this gen.

nix3499d ago

the only game i want to play on PC is Diablo 3. i think i've done my share of PC gaming.

@champ21: dude... i'm guessing you're planning not to upgrade your comp for the next 3~4 years, i guess. that's why you don't believe in "fraction of a cost" part.

champ213499d ago

read the specs of the PC i created when the PS3 was launched.

As i mentioned that PC still out performs any console and its 3 yrs old now just like the consoles. Hence that proves you dont need to upgrade a PC if you just want to play better then what consoles can do.

However, i you want to be on the cutting edge which is far above what a normal user would be wanting then PC can be taken those limits too. Hence i would say PC is versatile it can catter to the high end crowd or it can cater to the low end crowd both better then any console can.

My main gaming rig is as follows:

I7 920 OC 3.5ghz
6gb ram
5970 gpu
3x 24inch monitors in eyefinity

This setup runs games in 5760*1080p (6*times above the current console hd standard of 720p). Its an extreme setup, still even at this insane res it runs games faster then any console would at 720p.

ProjectVulcan3499d ago

PS3 + PC = Gaming nirvana.

edgeofblade3499d ago

Honestly, my reasoning for preferring Console gaming over PC gaming is the audience they have to appeal to. PC games... excluding Facebook games, of course... panders to a cave-living hardcore sector of the market that is driving the industry into the ground. Consoles have to appeal to the whole family on some level to find their way into the living room. That helps keep the ultra-hardcore in the separate niche of the market, while consoles are free to pursue wider audiences with better, more compelling design.

And, yet... I still have a perfectly capable computer that can handle most games these days.

Consoldtobots3499d ago

"I really don't see your point. Just plug a gamepad into PC. ;)"

have you tried using a gamepad in BC2? "hot mess" is being kind in describing it. ultimately that's the problem with the PC as gaming platform, calling it a platform is being kind too.

vickers5003499d ago

To the whole "you can use a gamepad/ds3 controller in your pc" crowd, I wonder if you have actually tried doing that. I have, because I hate playing fps on pc because of the unrealistic controls (don't even argue that pc is more realistic, no one can do a full 360 in less than half a nano second and shoot somebody in the head in real life), and you will notice a huge difference between playing on a pc with a ds3 and playing on a ps3 with a ds3.

I downloaded pinnacle game profiler and hooked my ds3 in to play BioShock and CoD4, and it felt MASSIVELY different than playing those games on ps3. The pc cannot provide those very small, subtle, sensitivity (no not the kind you adjust in the game menus) settings. It goes up, down, forward, back, diagonal but it does not have the little movement capabilities that make playing with a ds3 feel so smooth. It is kind of like comparing playstation move to the sixaxis, you can do all the basic movements (except depth I think) but it doesn't have the smoothness that it does on ps3 where it was designed.

Perhaps I may be doing it wrong, I don't know (but I'm fairly sure I'm not) but if I am, then it's still too much of a hassle to get it right and it's just preferable to play on ps3 rather than going through a sh*t ton of configuration and downloading software. Plus controllers have force feedback, where as a pc mouse doesn't. I hear you can get pc mouses that do, but I'm told that they suck @ss and no one likes them.

Personally I don't care about mods. I like to play the game the way the creator intended, and the majority of high profile ps3 games look better than the games on pc (crysis does look better, but that's the only game that looks better than Kz2, Uncharted 2, God of War 3). There are better games on the ps3 as well, or at least ones that are catered towards my interest. I do not care about strategy games, but I do wish we had some mmos, but I don't think that's due to the consoles limitations, I think that's just an issue with developers.

Oh and before you pc gamers use an excuse on my graphics point that says "oh it's just because you have a sh*tty pc", I'll just tell you my spces. Quad Core Q6600 2.4ghz (highly overclockable), a GTX 260 and 4gb of ram, so I think my pc is good enough to run top of the line games, so no, it's not because I have a sh*tty pc.

Pjuice3499d ago (Edited 3499d ago )

sry duplicate post.

Pjuice3499d ago (Edited 3499d ago )

anything u can do on console can be done on pc plus some
just hook ur pc to ur hdtv... use a gamepad, with a pc u have a platform that plays with a 360 or ps3 controller or wii if you want and has better graphics... btw ur console is an old pc with limited capabilities, even though most would agree mouse and keyboard own controllers for most types of games (not racing) i have a wheel for that.

Nevers3499d ago

... not listening to elitist PC gamers proclaim their superiority???

... yah... that's why I don't do that whole PC gaming thing anymore.


That... AND I don't have $2,000(+) to spend on what is essentially a toy I can do word documents and view porn on.

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trounbyfire3500d ago

PC fANBOYS they always talk about how much better the pc is.

you are still moving with the arrows keys.(or Wasd)An analog stick is much better at character control while aiming on PC is easy as heck it harder to do with analog stick which means is takes more skill to aim on consoles. arrow keys vs analog stick. the sticks win hands down. and most PC are not that strong. only a tiny percent are actually top of the line

toaster3499d ago

Wow.. I cannot begin to describe you stupid you just made yourself look.

BattleAxe3499d ago

And when you make a point that makes perfect sense PC fanboys do the "face/palm" and the "you sure make yourself look stupid". You can't argue with these guys because they are ignorant and they've never gamed on a console.

t8503499d ago

Thats cause they have never been brainwashed with a dozen advertisements thrown their way everyday.

Look at all those 360 gamers run to buy the next 360 after the last RROD.

Aphe3499d ago

The thing is, if you want to play with a joypad on the pc you can and many do. That's one extra choice you get with pc gaming.

Another thing is you can hook the pc up to your HD tv or just play it on your monitor. That's another choice.

If you want to upgrade your pc to be top of the line and play everything on max settings you can, or you can play games with settings lower than max and still enjoy games with a higher resolution than consoles can produce with a graphics card you bought 3 years ago.

You can even own a pc and own consoles as well. I know, it's a crazy thought. Which means you aren't losing out on any gaming experience unlike someone that only owns one system.

It's all about choice really.

evrfighter3499d ago (Edited 3499d ago )

I so wish I had an analog stick on my keyboard. I have to use my arrow keys to aim and whenever I wanna jump or open I have to hit the ` key and type in jump or open.

I sure wish someone would invent a device that made it so that I could control my crosshair by moving the said device around on a pad of some sort.

Until they make such a device. controllers will always be #1.

everyone playing bc2 on the pc just stopped to do this.

Letros3499d ago

not to mention if anyone really wanted an analog stick over WASD, you could just buy this

chak_3499d ago

rofl @ OP, such a looser

Pjuice3499d ago

u can use an analog stick to move if you want thats the beauty of pc anything can be done btw have fun trying to compete in an online fps match with that analog stick lol... whats ur frag rate going to be with decent pc fps players im guessing 100k/1000d ratio

Viper73499d ago (Edited 3499d ago )

Actually it really doesn't matter what controller you use to play. I am comfortable with Dual-shock3 and playing online shooters with it is great as every1 uses pretty much the same controller as I do so there are no unfair mouse users there to ruin the fun. These 2 control types should never be mixed on online games.

Debating which is better, console pad or keyboard and mouse is retarded as both are really comfortable. Yes its easier to aim with mouse, and yes movement is far better on Pad but in the end both work well enough and are comfortable so whats the problem?

And yes you can plug in pad to PC but you can also attach a keyboard and mouse to a console.

Some people enjoy games where you can pull off head shots to 300m withing nanoseconds of seeing the enemy. And those who prefer playing their fps games on console accept the Lowered accuracy as a challenge and try to become as accurate as possible. We play games for fun, dont we? is it so hard for PC gamers to accept that playing shooters with a pad can be fun?

Nevers3498d ago

"how" ... "HOW" !!!! ...when you are telling someone they are stupid please use the correct GD words.

Here... now this is actually warranted for how absolutely moronic that was:


... elitists have their heads so far up their _____ .....

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NotSoSilentBob3500d ago

I personally went to consoles because PC is not a challenge anymore. yes I could just plug a controller into my pc but I don't game with a clan online, I game with my Real life friends and their computers are not even close to running Crysis much less anything else. So I find my challenge on the PS3.

People tell me just plug that controller in and play but it isn't that simple. On the PC it is much easier to hack and use trainers then on consoles. Granted 360 is giving pc hacking a run for its money in MW2, but that is another story.

ChozenWoan3499d ago

those where the good ol days... bubble +1
Ohh and Sega Master System was better.

evrfighter3499d ago (Edited 3499d ago )

I just played a few rounds of mw2 on my 360 with my cousins...

with my mouse and keyboard. :D xim360 FTMFW!(I have an adapter that lets me use it on the ps3 as well. Worked well with KZ2)

Coupled with the fact that I'm usually chosen to host. 40-5 scores are the norm. controller users are so unbelievably slow it's not even funny. It's always hilarious when snipers try to peek me only to be greeted by a bullet to the head with my assault rifle.

dual shotgunners don't stand a chance against someone that has full control over their g18's.

You'd best hope that the one crowd who can afford to buy a 360/PS3 and a xim don't make the switch to consoles. If they do you can kiss your casual fps sessions goodbye. When this happens you WILL be forced to go mouse/keyboard if you want to play on an even field.

But even then you're gonna be demolished as pc gamers will always be triumphant against people new to pc gaming.

ps3ftwin3499d ago (Edited 3499d ago )

I would never buy a 360 bro. I got niether the time nor the money to handle all the :

RROD issues
Paying to go online
Lack of exclusives
Super expensive Accessories

I think all of us can safely agree PC + PS3 combo rocks.

Bodster3499d ago

I have to say thats what iv always had, PC and PS3.

My brother though just gave me his old xbox 360 though as he now has a ps3 too, so i have PC, PS3 and Xbox now :)

GamerPS3603499d ago (Edited 3499d ago )

Limited FOV on FPS and no mouse keyboard support holds me off from console gaming. And, there is graphical difference, not the kind of PS3 and 360 difference but PS3 to PS1 difference.

I do game non FPS exclusives on consoles but multiplat is always PC.