Microsoft on Game Room: 'We are aware of the issues'

Microsoft Game Studios' Game Room is one of the company's most prized releases for the first quarter of 2010, and after a slight delay is now available across Europe on both Xbox LIVE Marketplace and the Games for Windows Marketplace. However, aside from being buried deep within the Game Add-On part of the Xbox LIVE Marketplace's menu system, it appears Game Room's launch hasn't gone without a hitch.


The problems loading Game Room on both Xbox 360 and Games for Windows have now been fixed. It should be noted, however, that gamers who downloaded the two free Game Packs along with the Game Room software should delete the original files and redownload them to ensure compatibility.

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Natsu X FairyTail3496d ago

why the eff did they put it out then? smh

mjolliffe3496d ago

As long as it's fixed soon :)

kevco333496d ago

There's a few work arounds, like the one in this article, but there's still no way to play the two free game packs launched with it yet!

The_Perverted_Ninja3496d ago

I had no problems downloading it or the two game packs on PC but there wasn't a game in it that I thought was worth even trying. It could be great in time but it needs some more recent games to get me to stick around and play. I would like see some games like 4 player xmen or simpsons or maybe some newer 90s games like NBA jam or killer instinct.

kevco333496d ago

Yeah, it's been fixed now.

And yeah, I totally agree. These 70's and early 80's games are fun and everything - heck, they're what got me into gaming in the first place - but they don't hold much to call you back to Game Room time-and-time again.