New Scam via Xbox Live

Entrepreneurial Xbox Hackers are now starting a new racket.  The 10th Prestige Lobby is something that you may or may not have heard of. What it is: A 10th Prestige Lobby is a game hosted by a user with a modified Xbox 360. Known as a "Jtagged" Xbox this modification allows the user to alter the rules of the game that they are hosting. Giving anyone that plays in their room an opportunity to level up by making one kill, or any other number of rules that can be implemented by the host.(more)

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FanboyAttack3493d ago

Got a message on Xbox Live two days ago where the guy said this:

My friend xxx (i cant remember his name) is opening a 10th prestige lobby message me Ill invite you, I'm not sure how much it costs but he takes paypal. I didnt know the guy but I am assuming that I was on his recent players list.

eemoemo523493d ago

Got two messages for this while I was playing COD last night.

Bubbles_Kitty_Cat3493d ago

I get these messages all the time.

It probably doesn't do any good, but I always file a complaint against these people.

meetajhu3493d ago

No thanks i always love to pawn people from low level and show high level players how pathetic there gameplay is.

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poe3493d ago

I paid someone to do this, and I didn't get scammed. I guess I could have though.

poe3493d ago

Yes it worked. Haven't got banned or anything. That was one thing they were saying is that people got banned or something. It was funny the guy was talking like it was a drug deal asking me if I was a mod.

Rhythmattic3493d ago


You did this ??? Not only did you cheat yourself, you admitted it on an open forum!


bjornbear3493d ago people to do something you pay for...hmm

yeah don't get into obviously don't know the value of money kid

kingdavid3493d ago


Tell that to the people who paid for MAG..

andron3493d ago

And I think the scam part refers to the fact that people pay their way to 10th prestige.

Of course they might get scammed for money if they meet the right lowlife too...

badz1493492d ago

MAG? WTF? you were expecting MAG to be free or something??

iOmegaSeriousi3492d ago

u suck that u hav to paid somebody to glitch ur rank, u really suck

Ch1d0r13492d ago

Don't you mean the people that payed for MW2?

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kenpachi3493d ago

yeah there charging for online gaming

Wrathman3493d ago

really....really....really??!! !!!

have you looked at the leaderboard on the ps3 version???

if you did you would realise that your statement is full of fail my friend!

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The story is too old to be commented.