Problems with Microsoft's Game Room?

It seems that there may be problems with Microsoft's new XBLA venture: Game Room.

Our console here at the office gets stuck at around 20% when trying to load the client, and a search on Twitter using the #GameRoom tag seems to reveal many other people experiencing a similar problem.

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ProjectVulcan3492d ago (Edited 3492d ago )

Because paying 240 points for a license or 40 points a pop every ancient game isnt problem enough??

Ridiculous rip off. Once upon a time there were these compilations for consoles where you bought a whole bunch of ancient arcade titles 50 in 1 or whatever for 20 quid if that floated your boat. MAME exists. Mobile phone emulation exists. There is about a zillion ways to play these games on a zillion platforms, none of them involve blowing 2 quid each or 35 pence a pop to play them.

WhittO3492d ago

lol! I thought they were free like the ones in Home ?

ProjectVulcan3492d ago (Edited 3492d ago )

No lol. Microsoft want 240 points for the privilege to 'own' future arcade titles and play them as you please (even if you already bought the exact SAME game off arcade marketplace in the past!!)

Alternatively they want 40 points per credit per game.

caffman3492d ago

so whats your problem?

Bubbles_Kitty_Cat3492d ago

Game Room has been working fine for me.

WhittO3492d ago

how many points = real money ?

Like how much is 40 points ?

MS really need to start using normal money haha, one of the big +'s for PSN, no converting.

AAACE53492d ago

I was mad about having to pay for the games on Game Room, but he wasn't lying. You get 15 free games with it. Pack 1 has 8 games and pack 2 has 7. Since they gave us some free I guess it ain't so bad to start. A few of these games are pretty fun though still. I hope they will be able to get us later games that were in the arcades like Karate champ or Rygar etc.

3492d ago
Diamondwolf3492d ago (Edited 3492d ago )

40 points = 50 cents

400 points = $5

1600 = $20

etc etc.

siyrobbo3492d ago (Edited 3492d ago )

I get my points for £15 for 2100

Which makes each game for game room cost £1.71, which on the face of it i think isn't too bad a deal to be able to LEGALLY play the games

40 points to play each game works out at around 28p, I would have preferred a limited free trials like normal arcade games tho

They are much better value for money than the ludicrously expensive and pointless avatar marketplace items (£2.85 for a light sabre????)

ThanatosDMC3492d ago

And they compared this to Home?

NLGSean3491d ago

Nope, Game Room is not like Home... Game Room does not have "Gold Avatar" Outfits for $15 a pop...

Also, lets clarify something.. its 240 points to buy the games, 40 to play if you don't own the game... Not 240 and also 40 points to play each time...

Quit being hypocrites people. Home is nickle and dime'n everyone as well... Its called "Business"... People pay $3-5 for outfits on Home (lets not forget the $15 Home Gold outfit), yet if you buy an old arcade classic on the 360 for 240 points its being stupid?

Grow up people... Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo.. ALL GUILTY!

KingME3491d ago

Why is it that seemingly PS3 Fans are the only ones complaining about what Microsoft is charging? 90% of the time when you here some crybaby whining on the internet about something Microsoft is charging for it's a PS3 Fanboy.

The weird thing is that when Sony does something similar, they find ways to rationalize it and spin it as a good thing. Please by all means hate Microsoft all you want, but can you keep it to yourself. The rest of us don't want to here it; especially in an Xbox 360 thread.

One last reminder for everyone, you don't need to complain about something that is not forced upon you. Just opt not to buy it and move on. This way everyone else can live in piece.

IdleLeeSiuLung3491d ago

I agree. It is an option and you don't have to buy it if you don't want to. It is OPTIONAL!!!

What part of that word do people not understand?

Sheikh Yerbouti3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

Outside the convenience of the 360, there's cheaper alternatives to playing these games. I'd rather have the game on disc anyway.

Intellivision games would hook me if it wasn't for the price. Nostalgia is one thing, but those games are 30 years old. They should be owned for 50 cents.

Prices for DLC content is stupid crazy this gen.


He also doesn't mention that outfits in home are a dollar or less - something to do with the money left over from buying flower. The gold outfit was stupid pricey, but I never see anybody wearing one.


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BeaArthur3492d ago

The problem is people are trying to use it. I don't see what the appeal of the game room is.

jmoneezie3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

I don't see the appeal in waiting everytime I enter or exit a dwelling in Home. I don't see the appeal in JRPGs, but why should you care right?

wicked3492d ago (Edited 3492d ago )

I have just downloaded it and now down loading the games packs. Seems to be working for me in the UK.

Edit: just downloaded games pack2 and now it is stopping at about 20% in the loading screen.

hill713492d ago

at least home is free

Bubbles_Kitty_Cat3492d ago

Home is free because nobody would actually pay for it.


TheBand1t3492d ago

And you have to pay for the Game Room because MS knows you chumps will pay for arcade games that are free anywhere on the internet.


DelbertGrady3492d ago

Actually, you get Game Room + 15 games for free. That's more games than you can find in all of Home. And best of all, no queueing. :)

Chubear3492d ago (Edited 3492d ago )

If HOME came to the 360 exactly the way it is on the PS3 with Halo themed game rooms and Commander Shephard private spaces, the 360 base would willingly pay $19.99 for each individual space w/ $59.99 a year just to access 360HOME and you know it.

Can you imagine if 360 fans could walk around in a 3D gaming forum world with Master Chief's armor on in a game space dedicated to the halo universe with all their friends or gears or ME universes? They'd go stark raving bananas with excitement. You'd see pics of the thing on gaming forum sigs and vids everywhere.

Yeah, say no all you want. You know it and I know it. If the 360fans spend money on 2D clothing for a avatar Xter that can only stand in one static spot and show it off on their gaming forum sigs... what do YOU think they'd be doing with actual 3D worlds and avatars.

GiantEnemyCrab3492d ago

Or they can play the superior version on PC.. Second Life

PS: This game room thing is lame imo. I am so burnt on the retro thing and being nickled and dimed for it is even worse.

NLGSean3491d ago

Home is Free...

Game Room itself is Free...

You have the options to PAY for items in both...

Quit being hypocrites people...

Arnon3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

Uh no... I would not use HOME on my 360. I've used it on my PS3, and it was quite possibly the biggest waste of my time on that console. There was absolutely nothing to do, and buying "clothing" and "spaces" is just silly. I'd rather that money go towards owning games.

With that being said, I couldn't care about either of them. However, I feel Microsoft's approach is much more practical and worth your money compared to HOME.

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plb3492d ago (Edited 3492d ago )

I liked gameroom better when I thought you could actually walk around like home. I guess showing the bottom of an avatars foot is just too much trouble though. I don't like this menu system thing.

Godmars2903492d ago

This arcade space is and has only been a 3D menu.

And its hilarious that after all the criticisms Home has gotten for being in beta, that this dumbed down copy isn't working day-one.

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